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To qualify:

“Saving Lives, One Whistle at a Time”™

$189.00 for 48 lessons! Including email template, downloadable curriculum, members only facebook group and logo
Take video clips of your class for each exercise. If you only do privates, that’s fine too. I want to see YOU training a client and their dog.

To take the course, click here  You’ll have a year to complete the course

Benefits of being a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor

  • Your name and contact information will be on my website under Certified Whistle Recall Instructors.
  • As a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor, you will be eligible to purchase extra whistles and/or DVDs at a discounted rate (30% off the regular price)
  • CEU’s are being offering through IAABC, KPA, CCPDT
  • You’ll be entitled to use the logo on your website to help promote the class.
  • You’ll be included in my private Facebook group!

To see the Training the Whistle Recall DVD and whistles, click here

I highly recommend this certification program!
Taking the Whistle Recall Instructor Certification was lots of fun and also very informative! Since gaining my certification I have hosted several whistle-recall classes and all participants have given the class a very big thumbs up. It is not just an enjoyable class for the dogs and their families, but also one that teaches an essential skill – a fabulous recall!

Louise Stapleton-Frappell B.A. Hons. PCBC-A. PCT-A. CAP3. CTDI. CWRI. DN-FSG2. DN-CPCT2. FFCP.
Accredited Professional Canine Trainer & Behaviour Consultant
Owner & Head Trainer The DogSmith of Estepona

The whistle recall curriculum sets up the dog and the humans to train a recall to get an exceptional amount of reliability. It’s infused with fun games, so all involved have a great time!
The step-by-step guidance with a DVD gives you everything you need to reach your recall goals with your personal dogs and/or with clients dogs. I highly recommend Pam’s Whistle Recall training program, and feel the process to become a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor is laid out thoughtfully with abundant, clear feedback. By Submitting videos, it allowed for dialogue directly with Pam week to week, to get very specific feedback to help me improve my technique and client coaching instructions. Pam is a great teacher and because of her support, feedback and guidance, I feel confident teaching her whistle recall program to my clients. Thanks Pam!

Dayna Villa, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA
Taking the Lead Dog Training

I have owned beagles for the last 17 years and our first beagle tested us in every single way but especially in her recall. I had honestly given up on ever having a decent recall with her and just vowed that she would always be on leash if she wasn’t in a secure fenced area. We lived this way for several years until I heard about Pam and whistle recall training. I immediately ordered whistles from Pam’s website and began training my own pack. A few months ago, I needed to order some more whistles to have extras on hand and when I saw the Whistle Recall Instructor Certification was available I knew I had to take it. This course is put together in a way that is easy to self guide yourself through at your own pace and comes with the expert assistance and guidance of Pam to assist you in gaining the skills to use this with your personal dogs or clients and their dogs. I personally was newer to the concept to submitting videos but they proved to be a great way to gain feedback during the certification process. I highly recommend this class to not only dog trainers but to dog owners who are looking to build a solid recall and stronger bond with their dog.

Paula Roberts
Recalls are one of the most important tools people need for their dogs. Pam Dennison’s Training the Whistle Recall gives clear, concise, and useful information on getting that super reliable recall.

Ken Ramirez, Executive Vice President and Chief Training Officer of Karen Pryor Clicker Training