What if I have trained elsewhere – do I have to start in Beginners?

Many of you may have trained elsewhere and then want to come into the upper levels of my classes. While I would like to accommodate you, I have found that doing so causes frustration on both sides because not all beginner classes are the same. What you learned in the “other” place may not be up to the same level that we teach here at PMDT. To be honest I have tried it a few times and have seen that the dogs are truly not up to the same standard and owners and dogs are lost. In the upper levels I do NOT repeat what is taught in Beginners. So you are really missing out on some important information. So, please, even if you have trained elsewhere, if you come to me, you will have to start in my beginners class. I promise you will NOT be bored and you and your dog WILL learn new stuff and new ways of looking at things.