Skype Sessions

“SKYPE” sessions
For when you live across the country or across the globe and still want quality training for your best pal! Our Skype sessions can be for just about any topic – handling issues, basic manners, crate issues, loose leash walking, heeling, greeting people nicely, animal husbandry (handling, toe nail clipping, brushing, grooming, etc) or any other topic you’d like to fix! (And Skype is FREE!)

Single session: $55.00 per half hour
Single session: $100.00 per hour
Package of six, one hour lessons: $500.00

Timing – you have up to 6 months to complete your package. See my store to sign up.

In just two Skpye sessions with Pam, my dog and I already have made great progress on a number of behavioral issues. I came to Pam initially because my dog has issues around being handled, and Skype allowed Pam not only to identify how I could improve my approach, but also to see his body language. It’s like having your own personal trainer in the room with you!
Dana & Milo (Papillon, 11 months)

Living in rural Alaska has many perks, but one significant downside is having a 400 mile round trip to get to any animal services. Even if I lived in a more populated area, positive training techniques are not widely utilized.

I am in the process of working towards certification of Animal Assisted Therapy and was introduced to Pam’s book “You Can Train Your Dog” as a required text for a class. Although I greatly dislike reading, I found her book to be such a wealth of information and so easy to follow along. I recommended her book to many people and as Facebook is a primary source of connection to the outside world, I added her on Facebook. I was so delighted when she posted about offering Skype sessions, that I couldn’t pass up such an incredible opportunity and after 3 sessions I’ve gone in for the 6 session package.

I am very new to positive training methods and have never worked with a trainer before. This experience has been so immensely helpful and the way she breaks the steps down for the dogs to learn, has not only accelerated their learning, but also improved my abilities to understand where I’m needing to improve. Some of my dog’s behaviors that I’ve tried for months to change… within a matter of five minutes with Pam were effectively resolved. There are so many benefits to Pam’s Skype sessions, but even for people who live in areas where there are plenty of resources, the benefit of being able to work with your dog in their own environment is such a tremendous blessing. One of my dogs is a rescue that is completely shut down in any environment outside of the house and these Skype sessions have allowed her to engage in training and she is making incredible progress with real time analysis of her body language and responses.
I am greatly looking forward to continuing to work with Pam for quite a while and would recommend her Skype sessions to everyone!
Kaytlin C.

I can’t say enough about how grateful we are to have found Pam Dennison. I have a fear reactive GSD and prior to Pam went through several trainers. For the last 6 weeks we have been training via Skype with Pam using positive reinforcement training. Oso and I are bonding like never before and I can see him starting to think and begin to make different choices. This is not cookie cutter training. Pam helps problem solve situations you encounter in your own day to day life along with foundations to use in various environments to work on desensitization of your dogs reactivity. Oso is a much happier dog since we started! Skype allows you to train in the comfort of your own home or take “class” with you if you have the data option and a laptop. Very very pleased.
Carina Quinlan