Skype Sessions

“SKYPE” sessions
For when you live across the country or across the globe and still want quality training for your best pal! Our Skype sessions can be for just about any topic – handling issues, basic manners, crate issues, loose leash walking, heeling, greeting people nicely, animal husbandry (handling, toe nail clipping, brushing, grooming, etc) or any other topic you’d like to fix! (And Skype is FREE!)

Single session: $35.00 per half hour
Single session: $60.00 per hour
Package of six, one hour lessons: $320.00

Timing – you have up to 6 months to complete your package. See my store to sign up.

In just two Skpye sessions with Pam, my dog and I already have made great progress on a number of behavioral issues. I came to Pam initially because my dog has issues around being handled, and Skype allowed Pam not only to identify how I could improve my approach, but also to see his body language. It’s like having your own personal trainer in the room with you!
Dana & Milo (Papillon, 11 months)