Let Pro-activity Rule the Day!

Let Pro-activity Rule the Day Pam Dennison © June 2015 In my last blog post, I gave you permission to be an advocate and protect your dog. While you may like that in “theory,” you may not know what you are allowed to do in “reality.” As you may know, I work with a great […]

You Have My Permission

You Have My Permission Pam Dennison © June 2015 I give you my permission to protect your dog. I give you my unconditional permission to be “mama bear” and defend your dog against any and all comers, using whatever it takes to get the job done. And in doing so, I give you my whole […]

Web Designer Dog Training

Web Designer Dog Training Pamela Dennison © 2015 What does web design have to do with dog training? Nothing, to the naked eye, but look a little deeper and you’ll find quite a bit. I’ve historically been against technology and computers for as long as computers were around. The first computer I had any dealings […]