Animal Husbandry Videos

Basic Manners Videos

Door etiquette the Pam Dennison Way! Why do I do it this way? Because the old way of “sit, stay” open the door and say “okay” doesn’t work! How many of your dogs on the word “okay” charge out the door, to yank you down the street or disappear? My way is better – what do you see? The dog is going through the door and instantly looking back to her owner. It’s about safety! This is this pup’s first reps of doing this game – in the past she would charge out the door, ripping the leash out of mom’s hands and take off for hours. You’re welcome.

Dreamer’s Videos

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Finn’s Videos

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Emma’s Videos

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Pepper’s (Horse) Whistle Recall

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Sophia the Pot Belly Pig (now a Therapy Pig!)

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Liberty Training (Off Leash Horse Training!)

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The Infamous Shadow!

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Loose Leash Walking Clinic and Pam on TV!

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