Divide and Conquer, NO MORE!

Divide and Conquer, NO MORE! Pamela Dennison © 2024 For once, not a dog training article, but a life article. Okay, the world is bat $hit crazy scary and has been for many years now. No matter which political camp you adhere to, either gently, or vehemently, I want you to STOP AND THINK. Think […]

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Shark Infested Waters

Shark Infested Waters Pamela Dennison (c) 2023 Would you willingly go into the deep ocean, not knowing how to swim? Let’s say there are known sharks in the area – would you voluntarily toss yourself off the boat, with no training, not knowing how to swim, without proper equipment for deep sea diving, no safety […]

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dog running

Disobedient? Think Again!

Disobedient? Think Again! Pamela Dennison © September 2023 I rescued Bran in 2019. When I was looking for another Border collie, I didn’t want a super high drive one, because I didn’t know if I had the energy for one at this point in my life. So after looking for two years, I found Bran […]

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woman smiling and holding large knife

Is it Safe or is it Dangerous?

Is it Safe or Dangerous? Pamela Dennison © 2022 Dogs learn the same way that we all do – through operant and classical conditioning. However, I feel there is another aspect that comes into play here (that is actually part of classical conditioning, but I want to further tweak it out). Dogs are very literal […]

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2 dogs fighting

Is Two Too Many?

Is Two Too Many? Pamela Dennison © 2021 This article is mostly questions I would like you to ask yourself BEFORE adding in another dog. It may just save you some anguish, trips to the vet to sew up the loser and the angst of having to return the new dog. You already have a […]

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Ten Myths of Positive Training Dispelled

Ten Myths of Positive Training Dispelled Pamela Dennison (c) 2002 (excerpt from my book “You Can Train Your Dog; Mastering the Art & Science of Modern Dog Training” Why do myths, such as the ones that follow, spring up out of nowhere? Primarily due to the general lack of understanding of how classical and operant […]

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Pinocchio dolls

Do Your Research, But…

Do Your Research, But… © 2019, Pamela Dennison I’ll keep this relatively short. True story…sigh… A family was looking for a trainer for their 7 month old puppy, to help fix typical nipping and jumping problem. They asked around and got a referral to a trainer, who by her website (I personally checked it out […]

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dog peaking through a darkened barn door

Leading a Life of Quiet Desperation

Leading a Life of Quiet Desperation © 2019 Pamela S. Dennison Lately I’ve been thinking how the average pet dog lives their life. In my classes, I talk quite a bit about dog body language and how important it is that we learn it to the best of our flawed human ability. After all, we […]

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dog laying down with Christmas lights on head

Holidays and Dogs…not perfect together!

Holidays and Dogs…not perfect together! Pamela Dennison (c) 2018 The Holidays are drawing near again and during the mad rush, please don’t forget about the safety of your dogs. Crowds If you have large crowds coming to your house, keep your dog(s) safe in a separate room. Get them a nice kong stuffed with something […]

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