Online Class Schedule

Because I have so many fans ☺ all over the world due to my books, I’ve put together five online classes, so that everyone can train with me! I’ve made “something for everyone.” Every lesson in all five online classes is very clear, concise and will make perfect sense to you so you can effectively train your dog in whichever class you choose.

You Can Train Your Dog online class: 20.5 ceu’s.
Managing the Multiple Dog Household, part one: 8.5 ceu’s
Managing the Multiple Dog Household, part two: 8.5 ceu’s
The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone (seminar): 18 ceu’s

For basic training: “You Can Train Your Dog! Mastering the Art & Science of Modern Dog Training.” Six week class.
The next session will start on July 1, 2017

For the Managing the Multiple Dog Household, there is a two part series. Each part is a 4 week class.

Part 1 will start on June 1, 2017
Part 2 will start on July 8, 2017

For those of you interested in Competition Obedience, Rally and CDSP, I have a two part series called “Cleaning Up Your Act; the fussy & meticulous behaviors needed for Competition Obedience, Rally & CDSP.” Each part is an eight week class.

Part 1 will start on July 30, 2017
Part 2 will start on September 10, 2017

All of the online classes are scheduled every other month. Once they start, you do not have to log in at any specific time, as the lessons are released automatically. You’ll be able to comment, ask questions and show me your own video clips on each lesson so I can better help you.

After each lesson is released, you’ll be able to go back and view them at any time during the class. You may also purchase the video compilation if you choose, so you can go back and review each lesson.

To see a full description of each online class, click on these links: