Class Schedules

Yes, I know the schedule is outdated at the moment – it will be updated soon
Advanced/competition Training Classes for all ages and stages! As of July 1, I will no longer be offering Puppy or Beginner classes – I will be offering privates only, so you can still get the training you need!
All classes offer FLEX attendance: Attend live in person or online via Zoom from anywhere in the world. Or you can even choose a combination – some in person, some online – it’s about your convenience.

Take a look at the new short, 1 and 2 week online classes geared for competition obedience, CDSP and Rally and Breed handling! 

Pre-registration is required, please print the RegistrationForm and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all 3 pages and sign and initial where indicated in red. Once I receive your form, I will put you on my chart to call you when the class will begin. Not to worry, I do NOT cash the checks until the day after the class starts. Refund Policy: There are no refunds once your class has started and that includes the first week without the dogs. If you’re not sure that positive training is right for you, please come and watch a class first. We love visitors!

Key: Tentative = the class is on the schedule, and will start as soon as filled. Starting = the class will start on that day. If you’d like to see a specific class that isn’t on the schedule or would like it at a different day/time, just let me know! ONLINE means that class will be run online only.


April 24
11 am to noon Rally and Novice AKC/CDSPStarting
June 197:00 pm - 8:00 pmAKC/CDSP Utilitytentative
June 198:00 pm - 9:00 pmREWARD Zone Pre-prep online classTENTATIVE - online


June 2010 am - 11 amTracking 101 tentative
June 20noon to 1 pmAKC & CDSP Novice tentative
June 206 pm - 7 pmAKC & CDSP Novice tentative
June 207 pm to 8 pmRally/Novice 6 week classtentative


June 2112 pm - 1 pmCDSP Starter Novice & Novice TENTATIVE
June 211 pm - 2 pmCDSP Open/Versatility TENTATIVE
June 218 pm - 9 pmPart 1: Go Outs for Directed Jumping 2 week classTENTATIVE - online


October 510am - 11amTeach the Leash ONLINE via Zoom 3 week working class3 week class via Zoom
June 2211am - noonPart 1: Directed jumping TENTATIVE - online
June 22Noon - 1pmDrop on Recall 1 hour classTENTATIVE - online
June 227 pm - 8 pmREWARD Zone Pre-prep ONLINE classTENTATIVE - online
October 58 pm - 9 pmTeach the Leash ONLINE via Zoom 3 week working class3 week class via Zoom


January 159:30am - 11amGrowl Classongoing, since 2001!
June 255 pm - 6 pmPart 1 Directed Jumping 2 week classTENTATIVE - online
June 256 pm - 7 pmREWARD Zone Pre-prepTENTATIVE (ONLINE ONLY)
June 257 pm - 8 pmPart 1: Heeling for Comp ob/CDSP/Rally 2 week classTENTATIVE - online