Class Schedules

All times listed are EST. For those of you in a different time zone, please contact me directly to talk scheduling! The technology is up and running! So no matter where you live, you can join my in person classes via Zoom!

Pre-registration is required, please print the PMDTgroupRegistrationFormForWebsite#2 and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all 3 pages and sign and initial where indicated in red.

Because we all have different learning styles and thresholds for distractions (as do our dogs!) if you grasp new information better in a quiet environment, I would highly recommend that you do privates first and then join in a group class later on, once you and your dog are proficient. If you already know that your dog is very excitable/reactive, you will need to sign up for privates. (Some behaviors are fine for a group class, some are not) Contact me if you’re not sure – we can always do a private consult.

Key: Tentative = the class is on the schedule, and will start as soon as filled. Starting = the class will start on that day. If you’d like to see a specific class that isn’t on the schedule or would like it at a different day/time, just let me know! ONLINE means that class will be run online only.

Save money and be sure to check out the special packages!


May 1711 am to noon Handling/grooming Problems. 3 week classTENTATIVE: ONLINE
May 17
noon to 1 pmPuppy K TENTATIVE: ONLINE
May 175 PM - 6 PMExtreme Pet TricksTENTATIVE
May 106 pm - 7 pmPuppy KSTARTING
May 107 pm - 8 pmBeginnersSTARTING
May 178 pm - 9 pm Rally/Novice TENTATIVE


April 136 pm - 7 pmBeginnersSTARTING
April 207 pm to 8 pmPuppy KSTARTING
May 188 pm to 9 pmIntro to TreibballTENTATIVE


May 175pm - 6pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
April 146pm - 7pmAdvanced Puppy KSTARTING
April 147pm - 8pmBeginnersSTARTING
May 178 pm - 9 pmIntro to TreibballTENTATIVE


May 206pm - 7pmBeginners TENTATIVE
May 137 pm - 8 pmAdvanced Puppy K STARTING
May 208 pm - 9 pmExtreme Pet TricksTENTATIVE


May 77 pm - 8 pmNEW! R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone Pre-prep TENTATIVE (ONLINE only)


April 259:30am - 11amGrowl Classongoing, since 2001!
April 1111 am - noonAdvanced Beginners STARTING
February 2812 pm - 1 pmAdvanced Puppy KSTARTING
May 161 pm - 2 pmIntro to Tracking!TENTATIVE
May 166 pm - 7 pmREWARD Zone Pre-prepTENTATIVE (ONLINE ONLY)