Class Schedules

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Not to worry: if the weather is bad, I cancel class, but you’ll have to contact me either by email or phone
Key: Tentative = the class is on the schedule, but I’m waiting for it to fill. Starting = the class will start on that day. If you’d like to see a specific class that isn’t on the schedule or would like it at a different day/time, just let me know!
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March 254 pm - 5 pmExtreme Pet TricksTENTATIVE
March 185 pm - 6 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
March 186 pm - 7 pmAdvanced BeginnersSTARTING
March 257 pm - 8 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
March 258 pm - 9 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE


April 210am - 11amIntro to Treibball!TENTATIVE
April 211 am - noonBeginnersTENTATIVE
March 5noon - 1 pmPuppy KSTARTING
March 265 pm - 6 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
April 26 pm - 7 pmIntro to Treibball!TENTATIVE
April 97 pm to 8 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
March 268 pm to 9 pmAdvanced BeginnersTENTATIVE


March 2710am - 11amCompetition/Rally Novice/Level 1TENTATIVE
January 3011am - 12Puppy KSTARTING
March 2712 - 1pmCompetition -Utility TENTATIVE
March 275pm - 6pmExtreme Pet TricksTENTATIVE
March 206pm - 7pmBeginnersSTARTING 1 spot left
March 207pm - 8pmPuppy KSTARTING 1 spot left
March 278pm - 9pmIntro to Treibball!TENTATIVE


March 2811am - noonPuppy KTENTATIVE
March 285pm - 6pmRally/Comp Obedience-Novice/Level 1TENTATIVE
February 216pm - 7pmPuppy KSTARTING
January 97pm - 8pmAdvanced BeginnersSTARTING
February 78pm - 9 pm BeginnersSTARTING


Ongoing9am - 11amGrowl Classongoing, since 2001!
Ongoing11am - noonRally/Competition-Level 1/Novice/Level 2/Openongoing
March 31noon - 1pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
February 241pm - 2pm Advanced Puppy KSTARTING
March 242pm - 3pm BeginnersTENTATIVE