Class Schedules

October 22, 2021.  Change of plans. At this moment, which will hopefully change soon, I do not have a facility. I will however, still be doing zoom and in person at local parks for privates and perhaps daytime classes. With gas prices on the rise, this (zoom) may be the answer we’re all looking for! I’m also working on a hybrid class – where we meet via zoom for maybe 4 out of the 6 classes and then in person for 2 classes. 

Pre-registration is required, please print the PMDTRegistrationForm and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all 3 pages and sign and initial where indicated in red.

Key: Tentative = the class is on the schedule, and will start as soon as filled. Starting = the class will start on that day. If you’d like to see a specific class that isn’t on the schedule or would like it at a different day/time, just let me know! ONLINE means that class will be run online only.

Save money and be sure to check out the special packages!


November 8
10 am to 11 amTracking 101TENTATIVE (at park)
August 3011 am to noon Rally/Novice STARTING 1 spot left!
November 8Noon to 1 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
November 81 pm to 2 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
November 82 pm - 3 pmDesensitization for Vet/Groomer handlingTENTATIVE
November 85 PM - 6 PMSenior (dog) class 3 week classTENTATIVE
November 86 pm - 7 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
November 87:00 pm - 8:00 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
November 158;30 pm - 9:30 pmREWARD Zone Pre-prep online classTENTATIVE - online


November 910am - 11amPuppy KTENTATIVE
September 1411am - noonBeginnersSTARTING (online & at park)
November 9noon - 1 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
September 75 pm - 6 pmAdvanced BeginnersSTARTING
November 96 pm - 7 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
November 97 pm to 8 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
November 98 pm to 9 pm Rally/Novice TENTATIVE


November 39am - 10 amREWARD Zone Pre-prep class TENTATIVE - ONLINE
November 311 pm - noonIntro to Treibball!TENTATIVE
November 312 pm - 1 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
November 35pm - 6pmHandling/Grooming Problems 3 week courseTENTATIVE
November 36pm - 7pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
November 37pm - 8pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
November 38 pm - 9 pmSenior Dog Class 3 week class! FUN!TENTATIVE


Thursday is Zoom Day!11 am - 6pmPick your time, pick your topic - give me a call!


April 259:30am - 11amGrowl Classongoing, since 2001!
November 711 am - noonTracking! TENTATIVE (at park)
November 712 pm - 1 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
November 71 pm - 2 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
November 72 pm - 3 pmSenior Dog Class 3 weeksTENTATIVE
November 73 pm - 4 pmWhistle RecallTENTATIVE
November 76 pm - 7 pmREWARD Zone Pre-prepTENTATIVE (ONLINE ONLY)