Class Schedules

1/8/2022: Because your safety (and mine) is upfront and foremost, due to the rapid rise in COVID cases, all classes will be held via Zoom – trust me, it works really well – just like in person! We did it before when we had to shut down. This won’t be permanent, just until the cases drop dramatically. Probably a good time overall to go back to zoom because of the weather too – no more worrying about ice/snow.

Group Training Classes for all ages and stages!
All classes offer FLEX attendance: Attend live in person or online via Zoom from anywhere in the world. Or you can even choose a combination – some in person, some online – it’s about your convenience.

Take a look at the new short, 1 and 2 week online classes geared for competition obedience, CDSP and Rally and Breed handling! Winter weather – no more need to cancel classes or risk driving in the snow or ice! If the weather is bad, we’ll just do zoom that week. Win-win!

Pre-registration is required, please print the PMDTRegistrationForm and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all 3 pages and sign and initial where indicated in red.

Key: Tentative = the class is on the schedule, and will start as soon as filled. Starting = the class will start on that day. If you’d like to see a specific class that isn’t on the schedule or would like it at a different day/time, just let me know! ONLINE means that class will be run online only.

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January 10
10 am to 11 amTracking 101TENTATIVE (at park)
November 22
11 am to noon Rally/Novice Starting
January 10Noon to 1 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
January 101 pm to 2 pmBeginnersTENTATIVE
January 172 pm - 3 pmDesensitization for Vet/Groomer handlingTENTATIVE
January 175 PM - 6 PMSenior (dog) class 3 week classTENTATIVE
January 176 pm - 7 pmAdvanced BeginnersTENTATIVE
November 157:00 pm - 8:00 pmBeginnersStarting 1 spot left!
January 178:00 pm - 9:00 pmREWARD Zone Pre-prep online classTENTATIVE - online


January 1110am - 11amPuppy KTENTATIVE
January 1111am - noonAdvanced BeginnersTENTATIVE
January 18noon - 1 pmExtreme Pet TricksTENTATIVE
January 115 pm - 6 pmPart 1: Go Outs for Directed Jumping 2 week courseTENTATIVE - ONLINE
January 186 pm - 7 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
January 187 pm to 8 pmBeginners TENTATIVE
January 188 pm to 9 pmRally/Novice 6 week classTENTATIVE


January 129am - 10 amREWARD Zone Pre-prep class TENTATIVE - ONLINE
December 811 pm - noonIntro to Treibball!Starting 1 spot left!
January 1212 pm - 1 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
January 195pm - 6pmHandling/Grooming Problems 3 week courseTENTATIVE
January 196pm - 7pmPuppy K TENTATIVE
December 87pm - 8pmBeginners Starting
January 198 pm - 9 pmPart 1: Go Outs for Directed Jumping 2 week classTENTATIVE - online


January 1310am - 11amRally/Novice TENTATIVE
January 1311am - noonPuppy K TENTATIVE
December 2Noon - 1pmBeginnersStarting
January 206 pm to 7 pmPuppy KTENTATIVE
January 137 pm - 8 pmDrop on Recall 1 week courseTENTATIVE (ONLINE)
January 138 pm - 9 pmStand for Exam 1 week classTENTATIVE (ONLINE)


April 259:30am - 11amGrowl Classongoing, since 2001!
January 1511 am - noonPuppy K TENTATIVE
January 1512 pm - 1 pmRally/Novice ObTENTATIVE
January 221 pm - 2 pmAdvanced BeginnersTENTATIVE
January 222 pm - 3 pmBeginners TENTATIVE
January 155 pm - 6 pmPart 1 Directed Jumping 2 week classTENTATIVE - online
January 96 pm - 7 pmREWARD Zone Pre-prepTENTATIVE (ONLINE ONLY)
January 97 pm - 8 pmPart 1: Heeling for Comp ob/CDSP/Rally 2 week classTENTATIVE - online