The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone for aggressive & reactive dogs

The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone for aggressive and reactive dogs.
(Realizing Excellence With Attention Redirection and Desensitization)

For owners, having a reactive or aggressive dog is disappointing, frustrating, and sometimes quite frightening. All they want to do is have their dog be a happy functioning family member, yet figuring out how to make that happen is quite overwhelming.

Trainers running aggressive dog classes are growing in popularity. While that’s great news for owners looking for solutions, it’s also a disaster waiting to happen, as many trainers who run these classes are not qualified to do so.

Now’s your chance to avoid the latter, save lives and families, and make a real difference. The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone is about building a strong positive relationship by incorporating dozens of alternate behaviors – incompatible with current aggressive behaviors.

The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone program focuses on:

  • Establishing foundation behaviors,
  • Learning to shape new behaviors,
  • Reading your dog’s body language properly,
  • Learning to interpret your environment, quickly and effectively,
  • Teaching you to set up safe and successful sessions,
  • Erecting a line of communication from both sides of the leash,
  • Learning how to properly set, raise or lower criteria,
  • Teaching you to be a more effective owner and trainer overall,
  • Applying the counterconditioning and desensitization process properly

Finally there is a seminar that will provide you with relevant, stimulating and fun skills as part of the behavior modification process and learning how to transfer these skills to real life. Formal concepts are explained in an easy to understand and applicable format for every learner. Trainers – You’ll even learn how to set up sessions for your own students! Allowing you to make a difference the very next day.

This seminar is a working seminar for aggressive or reactive dogs. There will be a minimum of two sessions per day with the dogs, working on individual and group problems. In addition to the working sessions, there will be classroom time, discussing foundation behaviors, calming signals, background information on aggression, management and how to live with an aggressive dog. If there is time, we will do other things as well (depending on the weather and availability), such as tracking, group trail walking, swimming for both dogs and people and more.

Who should come?:

  • Owners
  • Trainers of all levels
  • Anyone in any dog related field that wants to learn more about aggression

8 max working teams, unlimited auditors . There are prerequisites for working teams. When not working, dogs MUST be in their vehicle, in a crate. I will NOT bend on this point. There are plenty of ways to keep the dogs cool.

This is a three day seminar. Ceu’s available.

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Creative Solutions For Common Problems

All dogs at one time or another, will do things we don’t like. Many times the way these problems are handled can intensify the behaviors we didn’t want and may very well create more serious issues. It takes creative solutions to end the struggle and give you the results you need.

Why get left behind? Dog training is one of the fastest advancing fields and outdated equipment and methods are slowing you down! Get out of your comfort zone and give your clients the results they’re looking for. Wow them with creative solutions that will stand the test of time, solving all of the following:

The behaviors that will be discussed are, but are not limited to:

  • Jumping
  • Pulling on leash
  • Not coming when called
  • Charging through doorways
  • Going crazy when the doorbell rings
  • Nipping*
  • Stealing and guarding* objects
  • Crate training
  • Grooming/handling issues
  • Getting off furniture
  • Won’t work for anything other than food
  • Won’t play with toys
  • And more!

We will be “slicing” the solutions for these behaviors in small, effective steps. We’ll make it clear to any dog what you want from them, without requiring constant “correction” to the dog. No “tsks”, “ats”, grunts, or moans about it. You’ll see change immediately, as will your happy clients.

Who is this seminar for?

    • Owners
    • Trainers of all levels
    • Vet techs
    • Veterinarians
    • Dog Walkers
    • Pet Sitters

This seminar will address and implement positive training methods and give you many more tools in your “toolbox.” Very creative solutions for a myriad of problem behaviors will be discussed and implemented.

One day seminar

Attendees: This is a working seminar, so the more the merrier! All of my working seminars, are just that – working. I rotate dogs all day long and give them a rest in between so they (and their owners) can process what they just learned. Auditors are welcome!

These clips are from a seminar I did in PA and are just a few minutes out of a 2 day seminar (Barkleigh took down the clips from Youtube.  I’m trying to find them…)

*this seminar is not for aggressive dogs

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The Magic of Shaping

Teaching is a two-way communication. The secret to this connection is called Shaping. Shaping is incredibly fun to teach, however, sometimes the mechanics of getting started may be daunting. With The Magic of Shaping, your timing and creativity improve, making teaching a snap! You will find that you become a better trainer overall with the addition of Shaping to your training repertoire.

Shaping can be utilized in unlimited ways;

  • For training simple pet manners
  • Fixing unwanted behaviors
  • Specialized behaviors for any dog sport
  • Helps with health and grooming
  • As part of a desensitization program with aggressive or reactive dogs
  • Just for fun!

It also makes you a better owner and trainer:

  • Teaches your dog how to learn
  • Teaches you how to teach
  • Teaches you how to develop criteria
  • Teaches you how and when to raise or lower criteria

Shaping doesn’t just change your dog’s behavior. It also changes their relationship with the world around them. Shy dogs become brave and empowered. Rowdy dogs learn impulse control and how to be calm. Even aggressive dogs can learn effective, life changing skills.

Come learn the Magic that Shaping can bring to you and your dog’s relationship! All are welcome and you will be sure to learn something new as this seminar is for all skill levels and for trainers and pet owners alike.

Attendees: This is a working seminar, so the more the merrier! All of my working seminars, are just that – working. I rotate dogs all day long and give them a rest in between so they (and their owners) can process what they just learned. Auditors are welcome!

This is a full day seminar

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Whistle Recall

“COME!” The one word that leaves all dog owners anxious and frustrated. Will your dog hear you? Will they ignore you? Millions of owners dread the battle to bring their dogs inside, catch their dogs when they get loose, and secretly dream of off-leash walks at the beach or on the hiking trail. A recall is a behavior that in an emergency, could mean life or death for your pet . Why gamble? Why not have the control and freedom you’ve always wanted.

This seminar will show you how to train a rock solid recall – with distractions! We’ll work on building a reinforcement history, a very strong Conditioned Response, and finish with a dog who won’t leave your side.

This seminar is for ALL breeds. Really!

A life changing and life saving skill;

  • If you or your student has poisoned your dog’s “Come” cue, the whistle is a great alternative
  • If the dog gets lost, the whistle sound travels much farther than a verbal recall
  • The whistle can be heard over nature’s sounds – surf, thunder, rain, etc., and even man-made sounds like a generator, loud trucks, etc.
  • The whistle is never annoyed, never angry, never scared or panicked; It sounds the same every time

If you and your students work the program thoroughly, thoughtfully, and diligently, you’ll have the recall of your dreams!

Attendees: This is a working seminar, so the more the merrier! It is geared toward everyone – pet owner and trainer alike. All of my working seminars, are just that – working. I rotate dogs all day long and give them a rest in between so they (and their owners) can process what they just learned. Auditors are welcome!

*This seminar is not for aggressive or reactive dogs

Full or half Day Seminar

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Cleaning up your act; The fussy and meticulous behaviors needed for Competition obedience, Rally & CDSP

Obedience is your moment to shine and prove to the world that you and your dog meet a higher standard of training and relationship than most other dog owners. But how does one move from just barely qualifying to earning High in Trials, spots at Invitationals and admission to Championships? This seminar will give you the leg up you need in Competition Obedience, Rally and CDSP.

Cleaning Up Your Act is for those dogs and handlers that have some basic experience in competition obedience/rally, but want to step it up a notch and clean up their performances to obtain those elusive HITs and top scores. Each of the behaviors are taught in easy to understand “snippets,” so that both you and your dog can be successful.

And don’t worry if you or your dog are just starting out! This course is a great way to get it right from the beginning, so there’s nothing to “clean up!”

Has someone told you your breed can’t do competition? Prove them wrong! “Non-traditional” dogs, of all ages, breeds, and skill levels are WELCOME!


  • Problem solving – how to recognize there’s an issue and utilizing innovative and creative ways of fixing them
  • Using Props – how to use them, fade them and how to avoid them altogether
  • Implementing subtle body changes
  • Fine tuning your cues to be clear, distinct and effective
  • Laying an early foundation on all behaviors
  • Becoming variable and unpredictable
  • Learning how to use reinforcements properly
  • Teaching skills from the ground up

This curriculum is flexible and individual. We will work on the behaviors and levels your attendees need!

Don’t waste another moment walking away from the ring with just a green ribbon. Greater scores, and greater pride are just a seminar away.

Attendees: This is a working seminar, so the more the merrier! All of my working seminars, are just that – working. I rotate dogs all day long and give them a rest in between so they (and their owners) can process what they just learned. Auditors are welcome!

1 or 2 day seminar

Teach the Leash

Leash Solutions for owners, trainers, dog walkers and more!
In one short day, your leash walking frustrations can turn into a serene walk in the park. Loose leash walking is the bane of many owner’s experiences with their dog. The same goes for professionals who work with these dogs. It’s frustrating, and even dangerous. It’s such a serious problem, many owners give up and relinquish their dogs to shelters.

The reason owners struggle is because loose leash walking is not a simple behavior. There is a dynamic of multiple behaviors going on and those need to be understood before the dog will willingly walk on a loose leash.

If you’re a trainer or owner who struggles with dogs pulling on leash, you know some dogs make it an art form. To that end, many “tools” have been marketed to “fix” the problem – prong collars, choke collars, head halters, and more. But hiding the problem behind a tool that doesn’t solve the problem. Let’s end the struggle together!

This seminar will show you how to train dogs to walk nicely on a leash without any tools other than a relationship, some food, toys and play.

Perfect for all level trainers, dog walkers, pet sitters, vet staff, and of course – pet owners!

Half or One day seminar

A clip showing “before and after”

Attendees: This is a working seminar, so the more the merrier! All of my working seminars, are just that – working. I rotate dogs all day long and give them a rest in between so they (and their owners) can process what they just learned. Auditors are welcome!

Contact Pam for pricing.
What people are saying!
Thank you for your patience with Jack and Niles. They are a mismatch … Niles is high drive, high energy and a baby while Jack has physical limitations besides his age (arthritis, hearing issues and new knees) and can’t physically keep up with him. They both learned something and even Jack admitted that it’s different when the same words come from someone else …. he also admitted that he saw the lightbulb go off in Niles’ eyes, which is huge. Jack came back from his evening walk saying “I really think he walked better for me tonight”. For them, the clinic was a success!
C. Weeks

Incorporating easy to follow steps to set you and your pup up for success! It was also great to be able to observe others working with their pups and seeing such an awesome transformation, thank you Pam!
T. Ryan

Thank YOU for your compassionate and enlightening class. I look forward to joining you again!
Great fondness, G. Adrian

I really enjoyed the clinic today! It was amazing to see how well all of the dogs did. Thanks again,
L. Snyder

Whistle Recall For Horses!

There may be times when your horse won’t come when called (if they come when called in the first place!). Using the same methods I use for dogs, the whistle recall can make your experience much more pleasant! Wouldn’t it be great not to have to waste your time chasing your horse down from the back 40?

Help is here!

One day clinic, held at your barn. Maximum 5 working teams, unlimited auditors.

To see the process, click here

Contact me for pricing.