Video Classes for ceu’s

Because I have so many fans ☺ all over the world due to my books, I’ve put together five online classes, so that everyone can train with me! I’ve made “something for everyone.” Every lesson in all five online classes is very clear, concise and will make perfect sense to you so you can effectively train your dog in whichever class you choose. These classes are all pre-recorded, however, they are interactive with me – you may ask, comment, question on any of the lessons and I respond! You MUST post on each lesson and show me video of your own to get ceu’s.

You Can Train Your Dog online class: 20.5 ceu’s.
Managing the Multiple Dog Household, part one: 8.5 ceu’s
Managing the Multiple Dog Household, part two: 8.5 ceu’s
Cleaning Up Your Act – part 1
Cleaning Up Your Act, part 2

For basic training:
“You Can Train Your Dog! Mastering the Art & Science of Modern Dog Training.”
6 week class.

Will start on September 15, 2021
Managing the Multiple Dog Household, is a two part series.
Each part is a 4 week class.

Part 1 will start on September 15, 2021
Part 2 will start on November 15, 2021

For those of you interested in Competition Obedience, Rally and CDSP, I have a two part series
“Cleaning Up Your Act; the fussy & meticulous behaviors needed for Competition Obedience, Rally & CDSP.”

Each part is an 8 week class.

Part 1 will start on September 15, 2021
Part 2 will start on November 15, 2021

Once each online class starts, you do not have to log in at any specific time, as the lessons are released automatically. You’ll be able to comment, ask questions and show me your own video clips on each lesson so I can better help you.

After each lesson is released, you’ll be able to go back and view them at any time during the class. You may also purchase the video compilation if you choose, so you can go back and review each lesson once the class is finished.

To see a full description of each online class, click on these links:

ONLINE Testimonials:
Cleaning Up Your Act, Part One

Pam – I am amazed at how much practice I need to do on my own footwork/form before adding my canine partner! It seems to me if MY skills are solid, it truly facilitates and accelerates the dog’s improvement.
I am learning so much more from your on-line course than from the classes I have taken. Usually, my dog gets bored at those classes and starts barking because she wants to work…and then I get dirty looks from the instructor. Ha! – Thanks! Leslie
I’ve only just started the course, Cleaning up your act­ part 1 and already I’m appreciating the the value. I love that each lesson focuses on just 1 idea and I can go away and practice that before taking another idea on board. Kym R.

Sooo thrilled with this course: can’t wait for the next one! Lots of fine tuning: nothing like back to basics to clear things up. ~ JC

I’ve been getting ready for the new semester and am just now catching up on our last two lessons here. I’d also like to add my thanks to the others for a great class, Pam. We learned a lot, and had fun practicing! See you again in Part 2. ~ BF

Thanks so much, Pam. Your lessons really helped us. I am very pleased to announce that Jack and I FINALLY earned our first two legs of AKC Novice A obedience last month, thanks to you and your completely positive training! Looking forward to Part 2. ~ Joann H.

Pam, thanks for the great class! I learned a lot and look forward to Part two.
Yesterday and today, I tried the DOR exercise. Cool! This is going to really help his DOR. He has had a tendency to slide forward on the drop and is now“sticking” to the floor. ~ Julie

A huge “Thank You” for putting together such a wonderful class. Your class has cleared up a lot of “gray” areas for me. So many useful little tidbits to produce a happy team. The head position of looking down & just in front of the dog has greatly improved our heeling. With little dogs they try to forge to look in to your face, but with your method they actually are following my eyes and no longer feel the need to forge for eye contact. And once again…if they do forge…your method of throwing the cookie back solves that problem. By the wayÂ….I’’m falling in love with my go outs!!!! I now have dogs that are jumping off the start position & really running with confidence. They really understand “away” Your methods are so relaxing & rewarding to the dog. I can’t say “Thank You” enough. Count me in on the next session please !!!! ~ Brenda G.

I’m back for Part 2 of the course, having learned a lot from Part 1. I practice the Part 1 exercises while walking my dogs, and it’s really added a whole lot of fun to our day! (I’d never before been able to make two dogs stay while sending the third to go get a thrown treat!) – PG

Managing the Multiple Dog Household, Parts 1 and 2

I can’t believe how well this back-up exercise worked!! I have to admit, I was skeptical. I had visions of my dog just curling around my hand and acting silly in an attempt to get the treat. But it worked beautifully, first time, every time, with all 3 of my dogs! What a great technique!
This is partly why I find your courses so interesting and enjoyable. While other trainers insist on doing everything a particular way, with a view to being 100% consistent in all areas of our lives, you have a very laid-back approach to training.
I’ve always believed that dogs could learn to do one thing in two (or more) different ways (e.g. sometimes running a two-on-two-off contact and sometimes doing a running contact in agility, depending on what the handler tells them), but hearing about your experience is very reassuring! ~ Sharon

Thanks, Pam! The course was great – ­both parts. And I love that we have all of these lessons on DVD so we can keep working on them. (We have a lot of work we can be doing! but at the same time, we’ve made very good progress.)

Wow SUCH a good idea. Thanks for sharing. We have definitely been having issues with tug and fetch. Both my dogs love to play these games with us, but aren’t good about taking turns. I’ve been wondering how I could teach them to play with us together…(next day)…Just checking in to say that I really REALLY like this tug exercise. I can’t believe I can play with both dogs at once, but it really works! ~ Bianca

Thank you so much for offering this course. I really learned a lot and things are much more manageable at our house. I liked the online format. This is a much needed course that would be impossible to teach as a group class, so this was an excellent option. The only skill we haven’t quite gotten is the drop but we’ll get there. See you in Part 2! ~ Julia

I will say that the course is great . My schedule has been more than nuts and having the lessons cover small bits at a time is helpful. I wondered how an online dog training course would work and I have to say it works very well.
And I’m getting my dogs to go out or go eat one at a time!!!! Still working on going inside one at a time, but we’ll get there¦ Thanks so much.
~ Barb
I think this is a really well-structured course. Some of the exercises I have trained already and others I still need to work on. This is the first online course I’ve ever done and I wanted to see what the course was like, as well as hopefully pick up some new ideas for dealing with my multi-dog household (which I did). Thank you very much. I’ve recommended this course on my Facebook wall and also to a group of South Australian positive trainers. I’ll definitely be back for part 2. ~ Leandra

Thanks for this course. I like how you broke down the behaviours into small, manageable bits that we could teach a little at a time. I also liked that you kept the videos very short and that you used dogs that weren’t perfect little angels! What you showed us is dog training in real life and I really appreciated that.
…I’ve really enjoyed the course; I love the way that it was presented in manageable pieces, and I love your teaching style. I will be signing up for Part 2. Thank you. ~ Sharon

Pam -“ Thank you! We learned so much! Things around our house are MUCH calmer. I now have very practical, easy to implement strategies I can use to get the dogs attention and ask for appropriate behaviors. I think even the dogs are impressed with their new manners. I’m looking forward to part 2! ~ Bianca

The lesson materials and instructions are very clear and well paced, the right push for me to get off my butt and do the workouts, thank you. ~ S. C.

This is a great medium for those of us that don’t have a close place to learn positive training. Thank you and you will see me in the future. I plan to do the second one. I will also be ordering the video. ~ D.J.

Thanks for another great class! The dogs and I have learned a lot. I live in an area without a lot of training choices and being able to take these kind of specialty courses online is wonderful. I especially appreciate the opportunity to get feedback on videos of our training when we hit a rough patch. ~ Barb

I’m back for Part 2 of the course, having learned a lot from Part 1. I practice the Part 1 exercises while walking my dogs, and it’s really added a whole lot of fun to our day! (I’d never before been able to make two dogs stay while sending the third to go get a thrown treat!) ~ Sharon

You Can Train Your Dog
Pam, this is tremendously valuable information. I am thrilled to see so much emphasis on dog language – ­it should be a big part of any beginner dog training class. Enjoyed the puppy vids so much! And your commentary was extremely helpful. I’ve got Turid Rugaas book and DVD and also highly recommend them ~ Wendy

Wow! That was truly enlightening! I was transformed by this simple education, thank YOU!