R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone ITC

Become a Certified R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone Instructor (CRZI)!
Training course coming soon!

You will be required to come in person to four week (5 days each, spread out over a year) seminars at
Positive Dogs in Washington, NJ.

You will learn a system that has a proven track record – 16 years of successful seminars and weekly classes with aggressive, reactive and shy dogs.

Each weekend will have different requirements in terms of reading, homework, classroom work, tests and working with your own dogs. Part of those weekends will be observing me with the aggressive dogs I work with and part will be with YOU in charge.

Also required is video taping yourself teaching a few different things;
Competition, tricks or agility behaviors to a raw dog
Foundation behaviors to an aggressive dog – not directly – I want to see you
training the owner to train the dog.

If you’re interested in this upcoming program, please contact me.

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Benefits of being a CRZI:
You will be on my website for people looking for certified trainers in your area.
I will be able to then refer students to you.
Earn ceu’s
Special yahoo list specifically for CRZI for continued support
20% discount on any books or DVDs from Shadow Publishing and any of my
online classes