REWARD Zone Pre-Prep ONLINE class!

When I work with aggressive and reactive dogs, my protocol is about teaching the dog (and handler!) DRI and DRA behaviors first, because one cannot start the desensitization process without having solid foundation skills in place AND a relationship based on positive methods!

So what does that mean? DRI – Differential Reinforcement of Incompatible behaviors and DRA – Differential Reinforcement of Alternate behaviors.

DRI and DRA can encompass many different areas of your lives, from simple to perhaps right now, not so simple ways. For example, one of the triggers that my human aggressive dog Shadow (who started me on this path) had, was people leaning over – it didn’t matter if they were leaning over him or 300 feet away – he saw that body posture and whammo! So, I took that previously provoking “cue” (person bending over) and made it mean something else – back up and lie down. He couldn’t be launching and biting if he was backing up and lying down.

So, I will be taking YOUR dogs provoking stimuli and creating an alternate behavior for YOUR dogs special needs.

Because I know first hand what it’s like living with an aggressive dog, I’m here to help you wade through the process; from being scared to confident, while we also work on your dog!

I require certain foundation skills be in place for my R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone seminar and I created this online format to help you reach those goals, so we can get to the nitty gritty of the counterconditioning and desensitization processes and on the road to success.

This 8 week ONLINE group class – one hour per week to give you time to practice, will yield you many of the behaviors you’ll need to join in the seminar, spelling quicker and more lasting success with your reactive/aggressive dog. The first week of the session is predominately without the dog, but then you will have homework and I will email you the 34 page booklet.

Cost is $300.00. Don’t be scared about the word “group” – it’s online, so it’s safe!!!!

Even though all of your dogs have their own personal issues, I will be addressing all of them in this group class. We’ll learn from each other and get your creative juices flowing!

So what will we be working on?

      • Door etiquette:­ teach your dogs to stay while you open doors (building and car doors) and wait until you call them through and then look back to you instantly upon entering the building/room.
      • Eye contact
      • Name recognition
      • Bridge recognition (such as a clicker or the word “yes”)
      • Loose leash walking *and* heeling
      • Accepting tactile (petting)
      • Accepting of other types of reinforcers (other than food)
      • Sit, stand and down stays
      • Recall amidst distractions
      • Shaping and exercises to teach the dog to make the right choices
      • Crate training – I may bend a little on the other behaviors listed above, but I cannot bend on crate training. After all, if you can’t safely crate your dog, where will you put he/she when we take turns and rotate dogs?
        …and so much more!

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Print these 3 forms: (and either mail or email all 3 to me)

1. AggressiveReactiveDogProtocol form, then

2. Registration Form (please be sure to read both pages and sign and initial where indicated in red), and

3.  ChecklistAggression:reactivity – fill this one as completely as you can – the more detailed information you give me, the better I can design a program just for you. 

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