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March 10, 2018
WCRL Rally trial
8 runs, 8 Q’s, 7 placements! And Dreamer finished up her RL3 Championship!
First trial
Finn – Level 2: 207 and 2nd place
Finn – Level 3: 209 and 2nd place (tied with Dreamer but she was faster)

Dreamer – Level 2: 200
Dreamer – Level 3: 209 and first place

Second trial
Finn – Level 2: 206 and 3rd place
Finn – Level 3: 206 and 2nd place

Dreamer – Level 2: 207 and 2nd place
Dreamer – Level 3: 207 and first place

January 20, 2018
Dreamer ranked 20th in the National Rankings for CDSP Obedience in Novice C!





January 18, 2018
Miss Dreamer earned her Level 3 NATE skill sets for Ball Pushing and Distance and Directionals!

See the Treibball page for video clips
Dreamer’s Distance Level 3, Ball Pushing Level 3 and Directionals Level 3 Skill certificates





Mr. Finn earned his Level 3 NATE skill sets for Distance and Directionals! (he still needs to learn how to push the ball a tad straighter to get his Ball Pushing skill)
Finn Distance Level 3 and Directionals Level 3 Skill Certificates






December 2, 2017
WCRL Rally trial
Finn – Level 2B – 210 and 1st place
Dreamer – Level 2B – NQ – I missed a sign
Finn – Level 3B – 209 and 2nd place
Dreamer – Level 3B – 207 and 3rd place and she finished up her level 3 Championship!

November 11, 2017
CDSP Trial!
Finn – Utility A – NQ
Finn – Open C – 191, 3rd place (6th Open Championship leg)
Dreamer – Open C – 197.5, 1st place (2nd Open Championship leg)
Dreamer – Novice C – 198.5, 1st place and HIGH COMBINED!!!! (5th Novice Championship leg)

Finn – Utility A – NQ
Finn – Open C – 195.5, 3rd place (7th Open Championship leg)
Dreamer – Open C – NQ – anticipated on the drop on recall
Dreamer – Novice C – 199, 2nd place (6th Novice Championship leg)

October 28, 2017
WCRL Rally Trial – 8 runs, 8 Q’s, 8 placements! 2 more double Q’s going for their ARCHEX’s – now 6 Double QQ’s!
Level 2B
Finn – 204 and 4th place
Dreamer – 210 and 1st place
Level 3B
Finn – 210 and 2nd place
Dreamer – 210 and 1st place

Level 2B
Finn – 210 and 2nd place
Dreamer – 210 and 1st place
Level 3B
Finn – 208 and 1st place
Dreamer – 206 and 3rd place

October 14, 2017
CDSP Trial – 8 runs, 4 Q’s, 4 placements. The NQ’s were minor, although I NQ’d Dreamer on a 200 score and High in Trial! I’ll forgive myself eventually…
Morning trial:
Finn – Open C, 197.5 and 3rd place (and 4th Open Ch leg)
Dreamer – Open C, 196.5 and 4th place and first Championship leg in Open

Afternoon trial:
Finn – Open C, 192 and 2nd place (and 5th Open Ch leg)
Dreamer – Novice C, 197 and 2nd place and her fourth Novice Ch leg

So Finn got 2 more Q’s for his Open Championship, with a total so far of 5 Championship legs – only 5 more to go!
Dreamer now has 4 Novice Championship legs with 6 more to go, and 9 more Championship legs to go for her Open Championship

October 7, 2017
WCRL Rally trial – not too shabby with the amount (or lack thereof) of training I’ve been able to do!
AM trial
L2B – 206 and 4th place
L3B – 210 and 1st place

L2B – 207 and 2nd place
L3B – 204 and 4th place

PM Trial
L2B – 210 and 1st place
L3B – 209 and 1st place

L2B – 202 and 4th place
L3B – 208 and 2nd place

September 23, 2017
CDSP Trial. Today was my first trial of the year. Between my mom falling gravely ill and passing and me pulling my back out again really badly…. We had 6 runs and 2 Q’s today. I was thrilled to be able to actually heel instead of hobble and Finn got 2 more Q’s for his Open Championship title with a 189.5 (2nd place) and a 194 (3rd place) (2nd and 3rd Open Championship legs).

July 14, 2017
I’ve been working on cleaning up some behaviors with Finn and Dreamer, so haven’t trialled at all so far this year, but I do so love the process. Today I did a Paint Your Pet Party and I chose to do Emma. Very cool and loads of fun!



December 31, 2016
Dreamer got her 3rd CD-C Championship leg today with a 192.5 and a 3rd place! Only 7 more to go!
Dreamer ranked 18th in the National ranking in Open A in CDSP Obedience!
Finn ranked 16th in the National ranking in Utility A in CDSP Obedience!

December 10, 2016
CDSP obedience trial. My little ones did very good for where they’re at, at the moment. 4 Q’s, 4 placements out of 8 runs!
Dreamer – Open A – NQ (missed the DOR)
Dreamer Novice C – 194.5, 1st place (1st CH leg)
Finn – Utility A – NQ
Finn – Open C – not an NQ, but anything below a certain score is considered an NQ
Dreamer – Open A – 192.5, 1st place (3rd CDX leg)
Dreamer – Novice C – 195, 1st place (2nd CH leg)
Finn – Utility A – NQ but much better than the AM trial
Finn – Open C – 195.5 and 2nd place. (1st CH leg)

October, 22, 2016
Dreamer (WCRL Rally) earned another Level 3 leg for her level 3 Championship with a 209 and 1st place, and her first ARCHEX leg with a 205 in level 2 and a 209 (1st place) in level 3

Finn (WCRL Rally) earned 2 more Level 3 Championship legs with a 205 (4th place) and a 208 (1st place, and his first 2 ARCHEX legs with a 206 and 210 (1st place) in Level 2 and a 205 (4th place) and 208 (1st place) in level 3.

October 8, 2016
Dreamer earned her 2nd CDX leg with a 191.5 (don’t remember what placement)

August, 2016
Finn earned his first Utility leg with a 1st place and a score of 196!!!!

July 9, 2016
Dreamer gave birth to 2 puppies! Both male.

April 16, 2016
Miss Dreamer earned her first CDSP Open leg with a 194 and a first place!

April 2, 2016
WCRL Rally trial – 12 runs, 12 Q’s, 10 placements! And both dogs earned their level 2 Championship and their ARCHX!
Finn is now ARCHX Finnish What Ewe Started, CGC, CD, BN, CDX-C, RL1X, RL3, RL2X
Dreamer is now ARCHX Pinnacle Dream a Little Dream of Ewe, CGC, CD-C, RL1X, RL3, RL2X
Finn: Morning trial
1B – 208
2B – 207 – 3rd place
3B – 210 – 1st place

Afternoon trial
1B – 210 – 3rd place
2B – 205 – 4th place
3B – 209 – 1st place

Dreamer: Morning trial
1B – 209
2B – 209 – 2nd place
3B – 209 – 2nd place

Afternoon trial
1B – 209 – 4th place
2B – 210 – 1st place
3B – 207 – 2nd place





End of year ranking
Dreamer ranked 15th in CDSP in 2015 for Novice (and only 2 of her legs counted toward ranking because her first leg was in 2014! Not too shabby!)


WCRL rally trial
Morning – Finn
1B = 210 and 1st place
2B = 210 and 1st place
3B = 206 and 2nd place

Afternoon – Finn
1B = 207
2B = 210 and 1st place
3B = NQ because moron Mom missed a sign

Morning – Dreamer
1B = 209 and 2nd place
2B = 206 and 4th place
3A = 205 and 2nd place and new title

Afternoon – Dreamer
1B = 209 and 2nd place
2B = 196
3B = 210 and 1st place

July – just some fun at a Treibball match!
IMG_5772 IMG_5769





JulyFinn is at the moment, ARCH Finnish What Ewe Started, CGC, BN, CD, CDX-C, RL1X, RL3!Finn

July – Finn finished up his AKC CD title with a 192 and a 4th place!
July – Finn finished up his BN title with a 198-1/2 and a 1st place!
July – Finn got his 2nd BN leg with a 194 and 2nd place!

May – Dreamer finished up her ARCH with 81 points to spare and finished up her RL1X

April – Finn got his 2nd AKC CD leg; with a 181

April – Dreamer finished up her CDSP CD-C with a 197-1/2, a 198-1/2 (and HIT!) and a 199 (and a HIT!)

March – Finn got his 1st AKC CD leg with a 192-1/2 and a first place! He also earned his first Beginner Novice leg with a 196 and a first place! IMG_5760

Finn was Nationally Ranked 15th in Novice B in CDSP and Nationally Ranked 12th in Open A in CDSP

Finn finished his CDX-C with a 192.5, 194 and a 193 – all with first places!

Emma was Nationally Ranked 10th in Utility A in CDSP.

Emma finished up her CDSP UD-C with a 192 (first place), 192.5 (3rd place) and a 197 (first place)

Dreamer was Nationally Ranked 6th in WCRL Rally in Level 2 in 2013!

Dreamer earned her level 1 and 2 titles in rally

Finn earned his CDSP CD-C with a 190.5 (2nd place), 2nd leg 199.5, (1st place and HIT), 198.5 (2nd place)

(ASCA) Emma got her 3rd CDX leg with a 3rd place!

(ACSA)  Emma earned her UD with a 190-1/2 (first place), 194-1/2 (first place) and 192 (first place!)

Finn earned his ARCH with 168 points (68 points to spare) and ranked 8th in ARCH in National Rankings!

Finn earned his Rally Level 1 Championship, level 2 title and level 3 title