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July 14, 2017
I’ve been working on cleaning up some behaviors with Finn and Dreamer, so haven’t trialled at all so far this year, but I do so love the process. Today I did a Paint Your Pet Party and I chose to do Emma. Very cool and loads of fun!



December 31, 2016
Dreamer got her 3rd CD-C Championship leg today with a 192.5 and a 3rd place! Only 7 more to go!
Dreamer ranked 18th in the National ranking in Open A in CDSP Obedience!
Finn ranked 16th in the National ranking in Utility A in CDSP Obedience!

December 10, 2016
CDSP obedience trial. My little ones did very good for where they’re at, at the moment. 4 Q’s, 4 placements out of 8 runs!
Dreamer – Open A – NQ (missed the DOR)
Dreamer Novice C – 194.5, 1st place (1st CH leg)
Finn – Utility A – NQ
Finn – Open C – not an NQ, but anything below a certain score is considered an NQ
Dreamer – Open A – 192.5, 1st place (3rd CDX leg)
Dreamer – Novice C – 195, 1st place (2nd CH leg)
Finn – Utility A – NQ but much better than the AM trial
Finn – Open C – 195.5 and 2nd place.

October, 22, 2016
Dreamer (WCRL Rally) earned another Level 3 leg for her level 3 Championship with a 209 and 1st place, and her first ARCHEX leg with a 205 in level 2 and a 209 (1st place) in level 3

Finn (WCRL Rally) earned 2 more Level 3 Championship legs with a 205 (4th place) and a 208 (1st place, and his first 2 ARCHEX legs with a 206 and 210 (1st place) in Level 2 and a 205 (4th place) and 208 (1st place) in level 3.

October 8, 2016
Dreamer earned her 2nd CDX leg with a 191.5 (don’t remember what placement)

August, 2016
Finn earned his first Utility leg with a 1st place and a score of 196!!!!

July 9, 2016
Dreamer gave birth to 2 puppies! Both male.

April 16, 2016
Miss Dreamer earned her first CDSP Open leg with a 194 and a first place!

April 2, 2016
WCRL Rally trial – 12 runs, 12 Q’s, 10 placements! And both dogs earned their level 2 Championship and their ARCHX!
Finn is now ARCHX Finnish What Ewe Started, CGC, CD, BN, CDX-C, RL1X, RL3, RL2X
Dreamer is now ARCHX Pinnacle Dream a Little Dream of Ewe, CGC, CD-C, RL1X, RL3, RL2X
Finn: Morning trial
1B – 208
2B – 207 – 3rd place
3B – 210 – 1st place

Afternoon trial
1B – 210 – 3rd place
2B – 205 – 4th place
3B – 209 – 1st place

Dreamer: Morning trial
1B – 209
2B – 209 – 2nd place
3B – 209 – 2nd place

Afternoon trial
1B – 209 – 4th place
2B – 210 – 1st place
3B – 207 – 2nd place





End of year ranking
Dreamer ranked 15th in CDSP in 2015 for Novice (and only 2 of her legs counted toward ranking because her first leg was in 2014! Not too shabby!)


WCRL rally trial
Morning – Finn
1B = 210 and 1st place
2B = 210 and 1st place
3B = 206 and 2nd place

Afternoon – Finn
1B = 207
2B = 210 and 1st place
3B = NQ because moron Mom missed a sign

Morning – Dreamer
1B = 209 and 2nd place
2B = 206 and 4th place
3A = 205 and 2nd place and new title

Afternoon – Dreamer
1B = 209 and 2nd place
2B = 196
3B = 210 and 1st place

July – just some fun at a Treibball match!
IMG_5772 IMG_5769





JulyFinn is at the moment, ARCH Finnish What Ewe Started, CGC, BN, CD, CDX-C, RL1X, RL3!Finn

July – Finn finished up his AKC CD title with a 192 and a 4th place!
July – Finn finished up his BN title with a 198-1/2 and a 1st place!
July – Finn got his 2nd BN leg with a 194 and 2nd place!

May – Dreamer finished up her ARCH with 81 points to spare and finished up her RL1X

April – Finn got his 2nd AKC CD leg; with a 181

April – Dreamer finished up her CDSP CD-C with a 197-1/2, a 198-1/2 (and HIT!) and a 199 (and a HIT!)

March – Finn got his 1st AKC CD leg with a 192-1/2 and a first place! He also earned his first Beginner Novice leg with a 196 and a first place! IMG_5760

Finn was Nationally Ranked 15th in Novice B in CDSP and Nationally Ranked 12th in Open A in CDSP

Finn finished his CDX-C with a 192.5, 194 and a 193 – all with first places!

Emma was Nationally Ranked 10th in Utility A in CDSP.

Emma finished up her CDSP UD-C with a 192 (first place), 192.5 (3rd place) and a 197 (first place)

Dreamer was Nationally Ranked 6th in WCRL Rally in Level 2 in 2013!

Dreamer earned her level 1 and 2 titles in rally

Finn earned his CDSP CD-C with a 190.5 (2nd place), 2nd leg 199.5, (1st place and HIT), 198.5 (2nd place)

(ASCA) Emma got her 3rd CDX leg with a 3rd place!

(ACSA)  Emma earned her UD with a 190-1/2 (first place), 194-1/2 (first place) and 192 (first place!)

Finn earned his ARCH with 168 points (68 points to spare) and ranked 8th in ARCH in National Rankings!

Finn earned his Rally Level 1 Championship, level 2 title and level 3 title