Intro to Treibball

Intro to Treibball (pronounced “try” ball) – 6 week course, $160.00. All classes are with the dogs.
Treiball is new sport that came from Germany is also called “push ball” or “soccer for dogs.” Whatever it’s called, its FUN FUN FUN! You don’t need a herding breed or even a dog that is very athletic – the dog in this video clip is both of those, but not to worry – you can do Treibball with your calmer dogs too! Great for dogs that no longer do agility and for those handlers that don’t want to run agility. Wonderful also because no need for expensive equipment to practice! Your dog doesn’t need to like playing with balls!

Treibball has the added benefit for those of you that do agility or competition obedience and are having problems teaching your dog to work away from you. This class may just be the answer to build that confidence!

To see class schedules here.
Pre-registration is required, and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all three pages and sign and initial where indicated in red. RegistrationForm

We’ll be following NATE (National Association Of Treibball Enthusiasts) protocols. Some of the videos below are from my dog’s Skill Tests. More videos to come!

Dreamer’s Distance Level 3, Ball Pushing Level 3 and Directionals Level 3 Skill certificates





Finn’s Distance Level 3 and Directionals Level 3 Skill Certificates