The Magic of Shaping

Teaching is a two-way communication. The secret to this connection is called Shaping. Shaping is incredibly fun to teach, however, sometimes the mechanics of getting started may be daunting. With The Magic of Shaping, your timing and creativity improve, making teaching a snap! You will find that you become a better trainer overall with the addition of Shaping to your training repertoire.

Shaping can be utilized in unlimited ways;

  • For training simple pet manners
  • Fixing unwanted behaviors
  • Specialized behaviors for any dog sport
  • Helps with health and grooming
  • As part of a desensitization program with aggressive or reactive dogs
  • Just for fun!

It also makes you a better owner and trainer:

  • Teaches your dog how to learn
  • Teaches you how to teach
  • Teaches you how to develop criteria
  • Teaches you how and when to raise or lower criteria

Shaping doesn’t just change your dog’s behavior. It also changes their relationship with the world around them. Shy dogs become brave and empowered. Rowdy dogs learn impulse control and how to be calm. Even aggressive dogs can learn effective, life changing skills.

Come learn the Magic that Shaping can bring to you and your dog’s relationship! All are welcome and you will be sure to learn something new as this seminar is for all skill levels and for trainers and pet owners alike.

Attendees: This is a working seminar, so the more the merrier! All of my working seminars, are just that – working. I rotate dogs all day long and give them a rest in between so they (and their owners) can process what they just learned. Auditors are welcome!

This is a full day seminar

Contact Pam for pricing.

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