Whistle Recall

“COME!” The one word that leaves all dog owners anxious and frustrated. Will your dog hear you? Will they ignore you? Millions of owners dread the battle to bring their dogs inside, catch their dogs when they get loose, and secretly dream of off-leash walks at the beach or on the hiking trail. A recall is a behavior that in an emergency, could mean life or death for your pet . Why gamble? Why not have the control and freedom you’ve always wanted.

This seminar will show you how to train a rock solid recall – with distractions! We’ll work on building a reinforcement history, a very strong Conditioned Response, and finish with a dog who won’t leave your side.

This seminar is for ALL breeds. Really!

A life changing and life saving skill;

  • If you or your student has poisoned your dog’s “Come” cue, the whistle is a great alternative
  • If the dog gets lost, the whistle sound travels much farther than a verbal recall
  • The whistle can be heard over nature’s sounds – surf, thunder, rain, etc., and even man-made sounds like a generator, loud trucks, etc.
  • The whistle is never annoyed, never angry, never scared or panicked; It sounds the same every time

If you and your students work the program thoroughly, thoughtfully, and diligently, you’ll have the recall of your dreams!

Attendees: This is a working seminar, so the more the merrier! It is geared toward everyone – pet owner and trainer alike. All of my working seminars, are just that – working. I rotate dogs all day long and give them a rest in between so they (and their owners) can process what they just learned. Auditors are welcome!

*This seminar is not for aggressive or reactive dogs

Full or half Day Seminar

Contact Pam for pricing.

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