Cleaning up your act; The fussy and meticulous behaviors needed for Competition obedience, Rally & CDSP

Obedience is your moment to shine and prove to the world that you and your dog meet a higher standard of training and relationship than most other dog owners. But how does one move from just barely qualifying to earning High in Trials, spots at Invitationals and admission to Championships? This seminar will give you the leg up you need in Competition Obedience, Rally and CDSP.

Cleaning Up Your Act is for those dogs and handlers that have some basic experience in competition obedience/rally, but want to step it up a notch and clean up their performances to obtain those elusive HITs and top scores. Each of the behaviors are taught in easy to understand “snippets,” so that both you and your dog can be successful.

And don’t worry if you or your dog are just starting out! This course is a great way to get it right from the beginning, so there’s nothing to “clean up!”

Has someone told you your breed can’t do competition? Prove them wrong! “Non-traditional” dogs, of all ages, breeds, and skill levels are WELCOME!


  • Problem solving – how to recognize there’s an issue and utilizing innovative and creative ways of fixing them
  • Using Props – how to use them, fade them and how to avoid them altogether
  • Implementing subtle body changes
  • Fine tuning your cues to be clear, distinct and effective
  • Laying an early foundation on all behaviors
  • Becoming variable and unpredictable
  • Learning how to use reinforcements properly
  • Teaching skills from the ground up

This curriculum is flexible and individual. We will work on the behaviors and levels your attendees need!

Don’t waste another moment walking away from the ring with just a green ribbon. Greater scores, and greater pride are just a seminar away.

Attendees: This is a working seminar, so the more the merrier! All of my working seminars, are just that – working. I rotate dogs all day long and give them a rest in between so they (and their owners) can process what they just learned. Auditors are welcome!

1 or 2 day seminar

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