Part One: Go outs for directed jumping

This 2 week Zoom class will teach your dog the go outs for directed jumping. You will need 2 ring gates and a stanchion and a platform if you have one.

$30.00 for the 2 week course – 1 hour per week.

We will be doing a mixture of free shaping to go straight to the gate and depending on your dog, if they need a little help, we can use a platform.

Part 1 will address building a solid half ring go out. Part 2 will address a full ring go out with jumps on either side and the beginnings of the directed jumping part.

The jump stanchion can be purchased here if you don’t have one. They also have ring gates if you need them.

I make my platforms out of rigid insulation cut to the size of the dog when standing plus an extra 2 inches on all 4 sides (and about 2″ high), then I wrap it with vet wrap so it doesn’t slide and tape the edges with duct tape.