Tracking 101

Tracking 101 – 6 week course, that is fun, fascinating with a “wow” factor thrown in! This class will get you and your dog started for the sport of AKC tracking. In this venue, you will “lay” (walk) a track and your dog will learn to follow the scent of the person that walked the track. Tracking 101 will include straight lines, curves and angled turns. No prior skills needed – just a nose!

Maximum 4 teams. We will meet in a different location. There will be some equipment needed – either a leather tracking harness (mine – don’t order it online – get it from me directly so as to save shipping) or an X back sledding harness from X Back Sledding Harness from Adanac Sleds and Equipment – 406-881-2909 or – Go to their website and look for the instructions on how to measure for a harness. Measure TWICE, order once. Go to this link and scroll down to see the videos for how to measure or if you’re unsure, call them and they will walk you through how to measure correctly. – and a 2 color 40 foot long line (choice of 2 colors, 40 foot lead) from

$160.00 for 6 weeks. All classes with the dogs
To see class schedules here.
Pre-registration is required, and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all three pages and sign and initial where indicated in red. RegistrationForm