Do you offer Boarded Training?

Sometimes. I evaluate dogs on an individual basis. Since the dogs are staying in my home, I can only accept dogs 40 lbs. and under, and only one dog at a time. Also, training is done with the owner’s understanding that a dog isn’t like a car, where you can send it to a mechanic […]

How much time per day do I need to practice?

Positive methods are perfect for the person that does not have a great deal of time. You are shaping and molding your furry friend every time you interact with him. Whether you are feeding him his dinner, going for a walk or playing with him, these are all opportunities for you to train during your […]

How does food training work? “If I use food to train, won’t my dog only work for food?”

First of all, I do not use only food to reward desired behaviors. I use petting, praise, play and attention in addition to food. I teach you how to be variable and unpredictable and how to be a slot machine! Think about it – slot machines are all programmed with variable type and variable schedule […]

How many lessons are there in a course?

There are 6 weeks of lessons. For beginners, the first class is without the dogs (with the first hour dedicated to a discussion on how dogs learn, positive principles and the pitfalls of using punishment) and the remaining 5 weeks are with the dogs.

What “tools” are and aren’t used in positive training?

Use: Plain flat buckle collars or harnesses (see the links page for Pam’s favorite picks), regular leashes, tons of food, praise, toys, games, petting and of course, YOUR ever increasing knowledge about how dogs learn and how punishment can create a whole host of unwanted behaviors and how to build a positive relationship with your […]