Certification: Whistle Recall Instructors

Become a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor!

To qualify:

Take video clips of your class (at least 3 different exercises).
Upload to youtube and send me the links, along with a check (or Paypal payment) for $175.00.
Once I view and approve them, I will send you a “Certified Whistle Recall Instructor” certificate and certification seal.

Benefits of being a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor

Your name and contact information will be on my website under Certified Whistle Recall Instructors

As a Certified Whistle Recall Instructor, you will be eligible to purchase extra whistles and/or DVDs at a discounted rate (30% off the regular price)

CCPDT is offering 4 CEU’s for Trainers and 2.5 CEU’s for Behavior Consultants for Certified Whistle Recall Instructors!

You’ll be entitled to use the logo on your website to help promote the class

You’ll be included in my private yahoo group!

You’ll be included in my private yahoo group!