Acting Class For Dogs

Acting Classes for Dogs! This series of classes will be about teaching your dog behaviors needed for print ads, commercials, TV shows and movies. Once your dog reaches a certain level of proficiency, my agent will come, take photos and put you in her database for future jobs! The behaviors listed below are just a small taste of what you and your dog will learn! In addition to the behaviors learned, distraction training will also be addressed (walking on city streets, up elevators, in crowded rooms with millions of people and cameras). Being flexible and training on the fly is also a part of these classes.

Each level is 4 weeks. $110.00 per 4 week session

It’s Showtime!

Level 1 “Extra!”
Target with nose, paw, chin, target to a “mark,” sit in chair and place paws on table, work for a stranger, ride a skateboard, close doors, lie down/head up, lie down/head down, lie down/head on paws and more!

Level 2 “Model!”
Jump a jump, open doors, pull objects, put paws up on windowsill and look out, kiss someone’s face, working off leash, go fast or slow on cue and more!

Level 3 “Supporting Actor!”
Lift leg (as if peeing), go through a door and stop, go around objects and stop, play with a stranger (petting, hugging and with toys), retrieve any object, go to a specified place and more!

Level 4 “The Lead!” (aka Do They Give Oscars to Dogs?)
Bite pants leg on cue, put toys away, carry toy to a mark and drop it, hump a person’s leg on cue, learn the names of body parts and more!

**The reason I developed these classes is because I just had the opportunity to do a TV commercial with Emma (Olympic Paint). I had so much fun (as did Emma). After being stuck in traffic with my agent for hours :o(, the idea for these classes came to me. I ran it past my agent and she thought it was a super idea, since there doesn’t seem to be any acting classes for dogs. She will feed me more behavior ideas as she thinks of them, but these are enough to start with.