Puppy K

Puppy K – (age: 8 weeks to approx 16 or 20 weeks) 6 classes – first class without the dogs, remaining five classes are with the dogs.

Please do not wait until your pup is 6 months old or until they have the full series of 3 sets of shots. As long as they have their first set of shots, they can safely be around other dogs. If you wait until 6 months of age, you are missing out on critical early socialization and that time can never be regained.

The start of focus and eye contact, sit, down, stand, the basics of stay, come, loose leash walking and “sit for petting” (versus jump on strangers). Answers to those annoying puppy behaviors will be addressed and the last 15 minutes of each class is devoted to puppy playtime. Read the new position paper from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on Puppy Socialization.

“It’s easier to build up a puppy than try to repair a dog.” author unknown

$160.00 for 6 weeks. First week is without the dogs, remaining 5 weeks are with the dogs.