Whistle Recall

Training the Whistle Recall – 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. This class is based on my DVD of the same name. Maximum of 5 dogs per class. All of the dogs MUST be good with other dogs and people, since eventually we’ll be off leash or leash dragging. Cost for this class is $170.00 which includes 1 whistle.

To see class schedules here.
Pre-registration is required, and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all three pages and sign and initial where indicated in red. RegistrationForm

Benefits: The whistle recall is a great tool for many reasons ~

  • If your dog is starting to lose its hearing, the whistle will often be heard
  • If you have poisoned their “Come” cue, the whistle is a great alternative
  • If the dog gets lost, the whistle sound travels much farther than a verbal recall
  • The whistle can be heard over nature’s sounds – surf, thunder, rain, etc., and even man-made sounds like a generator, loud trucks, etc.
  • The whistle is never annoyed, never angry, never scared or panicked; It sounds the same every time.