Group classes ONLINE

Because LIVE online training has been so popular, I intend on continuing with it for those of you that don’t live anywhere near me.

During this pandemic of COVID-19, you do not have to put training your dog on the back burner! And in fact, this is a great time to reconnect and build some rock solid foundation and manners. I’ve been successfully been running Beginners, Advanced Beginners, Puppy K, Advanced Puppy k, Treibball, Tricks and many of my other classes and privates using Zoom.

No matter where you live, you can sign up for a class or private that best suits your needs and your schedule (offered on EST). If you live in a different time zone and can’t make classes as scheduled, please inquire about other options.

Just like in person classes of puppy k and beginners and privates, the first class is without the dogs and the remaining 5 classes are with the dog.

Once you decide what day/time you want, call me. Then you’ll print out the registration form, scan it and email it to me at

Then you’ll pay me via PayPal to my email address, through “Friends and Family” so no fees are incurred. Or you may still mail me a check to the address on the registration form.

The only requirement for viewing the class is having a computer, tablet or phone with a built in camera so you can see me and I can see you.

Once a class is filled, I’ll send you an email with a link to the class – all you’ll need to do is to click on it, make sure you allow google hangouts to view your screen and then hit the join button! No app to download or anything too techie!

Working with Pam remotely has been productive and fun! My dog and I were able to video chat with Pam and we learned just as much as we would have if we were with her in person. Pam models the behavior with her dog and then coaches us as we work with our dogs in the comfort of our own homes. Thank you, Pam, for continuing to train during this ever-changing time!
Kaitlyn with Melvin

My dog Cooper has come a long way with his training. He pulled so bad while on leash that I ended up in P/T with tendonitis of the ITB (basically my whole thigh) for 5 months. He was always so reactive while walking that we had to basically turn around and go home anytime there was a person or an animal in our path on our daily walks.

Now with just 6 weeks of working with Pamela Dennison he walks along cool as a cucumber. Heeling almost the entire way, and a real nice loose leash the rest of the time. A chipmunk ran right down the middle of the road right towards us yesterday and Cooper couldn’t have cared less! When he see’s other dogs he hops and pulls still…but no snarky barking and snapping anymore! This is HUGE. Big shout out to Pam Dennison’s Positive Dogs!
Cheryl F

I was pleasantly surprised at how well our virtual dog training class went. I actually felt it was just as effective as being there in person. My dog responded well and I could easily see what Pam and others in the class were each doing. I received accurate feedback and coaching as I was working with my pup during each technique. I feel like my puppy can keep making progress while we are at home.

Pam is a remarkably talented and incredible dog trainer who loves dogs. She can read the most subtle body language and behaviors of a dog and tailor training to every dog’s quirks. She pulls amazing suggestions out of her incredible knowledge base to overcome what I see as insurmountable roadblocks. She breaks down training into small, easy steps that quickly turn into the behavior you’re working towards, and has left me thinking, “wow, we got it! How did she figure that out?” Her DVDs and online training are easy to follow and understand and she mostly employs dogs who are not already trained, which allows you to see the types of issues you might encounter instead of just the perfected end result. Because I recently moved, I started doing Skype/Zoom training with her and she has the logistics perfected, and our private sessions have been able to continue. If you want to learn easy steps to train your individual dog, Pam is the best. Her techniques are positive and rewarding for both the dog and handler!
Laraine M.

We started online dog training with Pam 4 weeks ago and can’t be more happy about this. Online training is even better and more focused because our dog is learning inside the house which he knows and he’s less distracted. Pam is checking everything we are doing, fixing and suggesting better approaches in training. I could see results at the 1st session – my French Bulldog finally start listening me! And now he is doing Heel (almost) ;).
We are very thankful to Pam and will be starting training second dog soon.
Olga Gnezdyonova