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Seminars Currently Available for Booking with Pamela Dennison, CWRI, CDBC

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“Put Down the Remote and No One Gets Hurt” This seminar is good for all levels, and all level trainers, including pet owners.PutDownTheRemoteClinic

“Cleaning up your act; The fussy and meticulous behaviors needed for Competition obedience, rally & CDSP”
(1 or 2 day seminar)
This seminar is for competition obedience, rally and CDSP. Also addressed – becoming variable and unpredictable, as well as new fun and positive ways to train the more complicated behaviors. This 1 day seminar will address all levels of these three sports.
Cleaning Up Your Act is for those dogs and handlers that have some basic experience in competition obedience/rally, such as heeling, turns, etc., but want to step it up a notch and clean up their performances. Each of the behaviors are taught in easy to teach and understand “snippets,” so that both you and your dog can be successful.

Or… if you and your dog don’t have much at all, this course is a great way to get it right from the beginning, so there’s nothing to clean up!

Think your breed of dog can’t do competition? I’ve worked with many “non-traditional” dogs, so all ages, breeds and skill levels are WELCOME!

This course will also discuss problem solving – how to recognize there’s an issue and some different ways of fixing it. Also discussed is the use of props – how to use them and how to fade them and how, if at all possible, to avoid them altogether. We will be implementing subtle body changes and fine tuning your cues to be clear, distinct and effective.

I never train my own dogs or my students dogs just one level at a time, because I like to lay an early foundation on all behaviors.  I train Competition obedience, rally and CDSP simultaneously. You’ll see that this course has some elements from all levels.

Whistle Recall (1/2 day)

The second most common problem that trainers and owners run into is their dog not coming when called. This seminar will show you how to build your reinforcement history, as well as train a rock solid recall – with distractions. For all breeds of dogs and all skill levels. 10% discount on whistles, curriculum and DVD for all attendees. Certification for trainers is also available (CWRI – Certified Whistle Recall Instructor, which comes with ceu’s as well)

Magic of Shaping (1/2 or full day)

Shaping is incredibly fun to teach, however, sometimes the mechanics of getting started may be daunting. While completing each skill is very exciting, the real thrill is the process itself. With shaping, your timing and creativity will improve, you will become better at recognizing and implementing small approximations. You will find that you become a better trainer overall with the addition of shaping to your training repertoire. For all skill levels.

Positive Solutions for common behavior problems
1 full day
Very often dogs do things that annoy you and very often, the way these problems are handled may intensify the behaviors you don’t want as well as creating more serious issues. Many of these unwanted behaviors are oftentimes misinterpreted as aggression, dominance, or just plain being stubborn or stupid.

The behaviors that will be discussed are: jumping, pulling on leash, not coming when called, charging through doorways, nipping,* stealing and guarding* objects, etc. We will be breaking down the solutions for these behaviors in small easy steps, utilizing, in some cases, the dogs own body language to get your point across, thus making it clear to your dog what you want from them without the use of traditional “corrections.” Most of the time, the solutions are quite simple and may involve only a change in your own behavior to change the dog’s behavior.

The solutions: For dog owners or trainers of any level, this seminar will address typical problem behaviors using positive training methods. Positive solutions are discussed and implemented in this seminar.

*this seminar is not for aggressive dogs

The R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone for aggressive and reactive dogs.
Is your dog reactive or aggressive? Are you having problems knowing how to help him/her? Have you hit a wall and don’t know how to proceed? Are you a trainer that either is or wants to work with aggressive dogs?
The R.E.W.A.R.D Zone will help you in many ways:
give you very clear instructions that you can take home with you to continue the process
teach you a great deal about canine body language
teach you to how to react quickly
teach you how to “feel” your dog and erect a line of communication that will go up and down the leash
really understand how to apply the counterconditioning and desensitization processes in a fun (yes fun!) way
and so much more!

For R.E.W.A.R.D. Zone:
8 max working teams, unlimited auditors, there are prerequisites for working teams, when not working, dogs MUST be in their vehicle, in a crate. I will NOT bend on this point. There are plenty of ways to keep the dogs cool.

Full day seminars (7 hours – 9 am to 4 pm with a 45 minute lunch) $1600.00 per day plus mileage, hotel (must allow 3 very well behaved dogs), meals. Add $150.00 per day if I have to fly to your location (this takes care of my pet sitter and the limo to and from the airport).

Full day seminars with 2 topics – same price, but the time would change from 9-4:30, so that each mini seminar would be 3-1/2 hours and a 1/2 hour for lunch.