Liberty Training for Horses!

Liberty Training for Horses!
Classes are held at Patewood Farm in Blairstown.

What is Liberty Training?
Liberty training is all about communicating and working with your horse without any equipment other than your relationship. We will be using clicker training – which uses a marker signal to tell the horse that what he/she just did was correct, and treats and other reinforcers.

What will I be learning?
There are many things that we’ll be addressing, depending on your horse’s issues and your desires. I will be teaching you how to get the behaviors you want, without the use of force, intimidation or equipment. These can include;

“Off lead” walking – following you around like a dog
Stopping when you stop, moving when you move, backing when you back up
Whistle Recall
Handing issues – lifting hooves for the farrier, accepting handling, accepting the halter and bridle (without the head tossing thing that is problematic for short people that have tall horses…)
Lining up to a mounting block
Stopping when they’re coming toward you (stay)
Moving in a direction you are pointing
Tricks (to be determined)

The first class is without your horse, the remaining 5 weeks are with your horse. Maximum of 6 horses per class.
$160.00 for 6 weeks.

To see what it looks like: