Matches & Trials

2019 Trial/match schedule:
Indoor trials/matches held at MY NEW BUILDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Positive Dogs,
Washington, NJ

Thursday Aug 29
Open and Utility only

Thursday Sept 12
Open and Utility only

Friday Oct 4
Open and Utility only

Saturday, Oct 12
Beginner Novice/Novice, Open and Utility

all listed on dog match shows
Time scheduled MATCH Shows for competition obedience and CDSP (no special designation for either venue).

Beginner Novice, Open and Utility only.
Beginner Novice from 10 am to 12:30,
Open from 10 am to 11:52 and
Utility from noon to 2 pm. Online entry only.

Even if your dog isn’t ready for Open or Utility, that’s okay – you can do whatever you want to in the ring! You can also enter Novice in the Beginner Novice ring – we’ll move the signs for you. No refunds – send someone else in your place if you can’t make it. Doors open at 9:30 am.

NO REFUNDS. If you can’t make it, send someone in your place. If you sell your entries, the person who purchases them MUST take those time slots.


If you want to run in Novice, just enter in Open or Utility or the Beginner Novice ring. If the dog match show system doesn’t work, just contact Carol directly from that website.
Click here to get to the site to sign up.

More dates to come!