Neighborhood Training

Brand new class!
So, let’s say you have a dog or human reactive or aggressive dog…and so do your neighbors. I just came up with this brilliant idea because I have a client with just this issue. We’re working on her dog and making great progress, however, her neighbor’s dogs are still untrained. Not a great situation.

Here’s the deal (hoping your neighbors do in fact want to help their dogs):
You would all sign up for at least six Zoom privates at your own schedules and I take you through the foundation training needed. You can see the info here All of your lessons via zoom can also be recorded so you can refer back as many times as you wish.

Then once you are all ready to do the zoom training all at the same time, I would give you all a reduced price, so instead of $650.00 per dog/handler for a continuing set of 6, one hour lessons, the price would be $425.00 per family.

This can be for 2 or 3 neighbors. Win-Win-Win!!!!