Managing the Multiple Dog Household – Part 1 – Welcome

Welcome to Managing the Multiple Dog Household, Part 1

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How it works:
• If you need CEU’s, you’ll need to tell me ahead of time. In order for you to get them, you will need to post on every lesson and send me links to video of you and your dog(s) working the lesson.

• Please make comments and ask questions every step of the way! You can find the comment box and read other’s comments at the bottom of each course page, including this one. I will be monitoring them and will answer all questions as soon as possible.

• Because dog training is such a visual thing, I encourage you to video-tape yourselves and your dogs if you are having a problem, post it to (accounts are free) and then post the link so we can all look at it and discuss it. If you plan to earn CEUs – this is a requirement for each lesson.

• There is an introduction plus a total of 15 lessons, along with 19 video clips. I will be spreading these out over an 30 day period.

• You will have a total of 40 days to come back to the site to re-read and watch the video clips.

• If you have not already done so, you may purchase the DVD compilation via PayPal for $20.00 + S&H from the from the box in the right-hand sidebar.

Legalize: I would ask that you all not share your notes with anyone outside of your own household, nor copy the DVD to pass around to your friends. All of my information, whether in film or in writing is copyrighted and may not be used without written permission.