Picking the RIGHT dog! Free seminar

Picking the RIGHT dog is a FREE, as in FREE 1 hour seminar to make sure that you…pick the right dog or puppy for your household and lifestyle. There is a right way to do it and a more emotional way to do it and I’m offering this mini seminar to help you avoid any heartache or serious problems.

With 11 rescued dogs and 2 rescued cats and almost 30 years of training, I can tell you, I’ve seen it all – well maybe not all, but quite a bit.

What traits are you looking for in your new best friend? Why? What activities are you looking to do with your dog? What does your day look like? Do you want to adopt or shop – risks for both. Want to find THE right breeder or rescue group? Want to learn the warning signs? These and other equally compelling questions will be discussed!

So, before you purchase or adopt, come to their FREE 1 hour seminar and learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff! Pre-registration is required. You can come in person OR do it through Zoom in you don’t live near my facility. Additional days and times will be added