Puppy/Beginner class descriptions

For the safety of others, if you’ve rescued your puppy or gotten the pup from a breeder, I require proof of a clean fecal before you sign up for class. (to rule out worms, coccidia and giardia – all highly contagious diseases).

Puppy K – 6 classes – first class without the dogs, remaining five classes are with the dogs. (ages: 8 weeks to approx. 16-20 weeks) $170.00
The start of focus and eye contact, sit, down, stand, the basics of stay, come, loose leash walking and “sit for petting” (versus jump on strangers). Answers to those annoying puppy behaviors will be addressed and the last 10 minutes of each class is devoted to puppy playtime. Read the new position paper from the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior on Puppy Socialization. For other position statements from the AVMA, click here IF YOU THINK YOUR PUPPY IS DERANGED, Your dog has been KIDNAPPED! Read This

Performance Puppy – 6 week course, first class without the dogs. Start your puppy off right! This class will be geared for all types of competition for those of you that already know you want to compete in dog sports. Agility, competition obedience, rally will all be addressed. Normal Puppy K stuff will also be addressed. $170.00

Beginners – 6 classes – first class without the dogs, remaining five classes are with the dogs. Eye contact, sit, down, stand, stay in all positions, come, loose leash walking, sitting politely for petting, door etiquette, impulse control, and a few pet tricks. $170.00

Guided Puppy Playtime – Too often, I’ve seen people take their dogs to daycare, (or god forbid, a dog park) only to have their puppy attacked by another dog. While it doesn’t always happen, I’ve seen (too often) those pups become dog aggressive or very scared themselves. To that end, I am offering “Guided Puppy Playtime.”

This is how it will work:
You’ll come with your pup
You’ll bring treats
We do a little bit of training on leash – approximately 10 minutes so the pups can all get used to each other from a distance and I can see if any of the pups are too aroused to play safely.
Then we let them play off leash for about 10 minutes.
Then we train for another few minutes.
Then we take them out for a drink and potty walk.
We bring them back in and repeat – a little training, a little play.
I narrate dog body language and of course we manage the pups, and I teach you how to break it up safely in case they get over-aroused (NO spray bottles or other idiotic methods) so there isn’t a problem.
Then you go home and have a lovely tired puppy. Because a tired pup is a good pup.

Cost $15 per hour, “a la carte” or $10.00 per hour if you purchase a block of 5. While this is a drop in “class,” you MUST RSVP for each week, so I know how many dogs are coming

When you email me (or call), I need this information and this Guided Puppy Play Reg form:
Tell me about your dog
Spayed or neutered?
Any reactivity to other people or dogs?
Has your dog been exposed to other dogs and how was he/she?
What vaccinations has your dog had?