Raw Feeding

A Raw Diet by Pamela Dennison

I very firmly believe in the benefits to feeding a raw diet to my dogs. I have fed my dogs raw food for the past 17 years with wonderful results – minor vet visits, pearly white teeth, beautiful skin and coat. (YES, Chicken WITH the bones! Raw food is pliable and will not do damage to your dogs. It is COOKED bones that are dangerous.)

I have also seen behavior changes for the better when the diet is changed. Being a dog trainer, this of course, is a wonderful thing! I also do not vaccinate my dogs other than the required rabies. I “titer” my dogs, which means every two years I get blood drawn and checked to make sure each dog’s antibodies and immune systems are up to snuff. So far, so good! I am finding that behavior changes for the worse due to over vaccination and I am seeing more and more physical problems that relate directly to over vaccination.

I am not a veterinarian, but I do have a brain – do we vaccinate ourselves every year for every possible disease? No, of course not. Would you let your pediatrician stick your kids full of drugs they didn’t need? No, of course not. So, please don’t blindly follow your vet’s advice! Learn, read, make your own decisions, ask questions – what are the side effects, does my dog really need this, what major organs does this drug affect and will my dog’s quality of life be better without this drug? Example – the Lyme vaccine causes more harm than good, it has adversely effects the liver AND it doesn’t prevent the dog from getting Lyme!!!

Because this is my website, I can say whatever I want to! Why do vets recommend all of these things – vaccines, commercial dog food, etc.? Who subsidizes the vet schools? Drug companies and commercial pet food companies. Do vets have any training in nutrition? No. They have training in drugs. Also they make tons of money on these “cocktail” vaccinations (which by the way, the dosage for a Great Dane is the same for a Chihuahua).

So, research, learn how to keep your pet healthy and know that booster shots ARE NOT mandatory and NOT necessary!

For those of you that may be interested in learning more, the following links should keep you busy for some time to come!

Disclaimer: The information presented on this page is for illustrative purposes, to demonstrate how I feed my own dogs on a typical day. It is not meant as instruction on how you should feed your pets. Should you choose to “BARF” your own pets, great! But please arm yourself with as much information and knowledge as you can before plunging in. That way you avoid unnecessary discomfort for your pets as well as accidentally creating a nutrient imbalance, deficiency, or toxicity. If you are interested in obtaining further information or assistance with switching your pets to BARF, the web site above is a good starting place, with links to other sources. You may also want to subscribe to an online email group, such as the K9 Nutrition list. There are RawFeedingInfolinks here for more info. A great article byTinaPerryRawFoodArticle Tina Perry helps put it all into perspective.