Snow Birds & Full Timers Unite!

Because LIVE online training has been so popular, I wanted to extend this fabulous offer to those of you that are Snow Birds or Full Timers but have dogs that still need training! For those of you that want to learn new skills, enrich your dogs life and have fun in the process!

As you know, it’s pretty impossible to get the help you need with your dog(s) when you don’t live a sedentary lifestyle. In fact, those of you that travel have an even stronger need to have dogs that are model citizens. As long as you have an internet connection, we can do zoom from wherever you are!

Here is the short list of the many behaviors that you may need;
Loose leash walking
Come when called
Control through doorways
Calmness in new situations (new people/dogs, etc.)
Handling for Vet and groomer visits (especially new Vets and/or groomers)
Even if you have some aggression or reactivity issues, this offering is for YOU!
…and so much more!

Here’s a short list of the fun things!
Parkour (obstacle course, using what is in the environment)
Tricks of all kinds
Dog sports that take little or no props due to limited space (rally, competition obedience, tracking, nose work)

No matter where you happen to be at any given time, as long as you have an internet connection, I can help you, whatever your dog’s issues are. All times would be EST. And the beauty of Zoom is that your lesson doesn’t have to be the same day and time each week! Win-Win!

Once you decide what day/time you want, and which package you need, call me. Then you’ll print out the registration form, scan it and email it to me at

Single session: $85.00 per half hour
Single session: $150.00 per hour
Package of six, one hour lessons: $675.00

Timing – you have up to 6 months to complete your package. See my store to sign up.

Then you’ll pay me via PayPal to my email address, or via Venmo (I’ll give you that info once you sign up). Or you may still mail me a check to the address on the registration form.

The only requirement for viewing the class is having a computer, tablet or phone with a built in camera so you can see me and I can see you.

Refund Policy: There are no refunds once your class has started and that includes the first week without the dogs. If you’re not sure that positive training is right for you, please come and watch a class first. We love visitors!

Pre-registration is required, please print the PMDTgroupRegistrationFormForWebsite#2 and follow the instructions to complete registration. For Zoom, I’ll only need the first 2 pages, but be sure to initial everything marked in red.


I can’t say enough about how grateful we are to have found Pam Dennison. I have a fear reactive GSD and prior to Pam went through several trainers. For the last 6 weeks we have been training via Skype with Pam using positive reinforcement training. Oso and I are bonding like never before and I can see him starting to think and begin to make different choices. This is not cookie cutter training. Pam helps problem solve situations you encounter in your own day to day life along with foundations to use in various environments to work on desensitization of your dogs reactivity. Oso is a much happier dog since we started! Skype allows you to train in the comfort of your own home or take “class” with you if you have the data option and a laptop. Very very pleased.
Carina Quinlan

Living in rural Alaska has many perks, but one significant downside is having a 400 mile round trip to get to any animal services. Even if I lived in a more populated area, positive training techniques are not widely utilized.

I am in the process of working towards certification of Animal Assisted Therapy and was introduced to Pam’s book “You Can Train Your Dog” as a required text for a class. Although I greatly dislike reading, I found her book to be such a wealth of information and so easy to follow along. I recommended her book to many people and as Facebook is a primary source of connection to the outside world, I added her on Facebook. I was so delighted when she posted about offering Zoom sessions, that I couldn’t pass up such an incredible opportunity and after 3 lessons I’ve gone in for the 6 session package.

I am very new to positive training methods and have never worked with a trainer before. This experience has been so immensely helpful and the way she breaks the steps down for the dogs to learn, has not only accelerated their learning, but also improved my abilities to understand where I’m needing to improve. Some of my dog’s behaviors that I’ve tried for months to change… within a matter of five minutes with Pam were effectively resolved. There are so many benefits to Pam’s Zoom sessions, but even for people who live in areas where there are plenty of resources, the benefit of being able to work with your dog in their own environment is such a tremendous blessing. One of my dogs is a rescue that is completely shut down in any environment outside of the house and these sessions have allowed her to engage in training and she is making incredible progress with real time analysis of her body language and responses.
I am greatly looking forward to continuing to work with Pam for quite a while and would recommend her Zoom sessions to everyone!
Kaytlin C.

Working with Pam remotely has been productive and fun! My dog and I were able to video chat with Pam and we learned just as much as we would have if we were with her in person. Pam models the behavior with her dog and then coaches us as we work with our dogs in the comfort of our own homes. Thank you, Pam, for continuing to train during this ever-changing time!
Kaitlyn with Melvin

My dog Cooper has come a long way with his training. He pulled so bad while on leash that I ended up in P/T with tendonitis of the ITB (basically my whole thigh) for 5 months. He was always so reactive while walking that we had to basically turn around and go home anytime there was a person or an animal in our path on our daily walks.

Now with just 6 weeks of working with Pamela Dennison he walks along cool as a cucumber. Heeling almost the entire way, and a real nice loose leash the rest of the time. A chipmunk ran right down the middle of the road right towards us yesterday and Cooper couldn’t have cared less! When he see’s other dogs he hops and pulls still…but no snarky barking and snapping anymore! This is HUGE. Big shout out to Pam Dennison’s Positive Dogs!
Cheryl F

I was pleasantly surprised at how well our virtual dog training class went. I actually felt it was just as effective as being there in person. My dog responded well and I could easily see what Pam and others in the class were each doing. I received accurate feedback and coaching as I was working with my pup during each technique. I feel like my puppy can keep making progress while we are at home.

Pam is a remarkably talented and incredible dog trainer who loves dogs. She can read the most subtle body language and behaviors of a dog and tailor training to every dog’s quirks. She pulls amazing suggestions out of her incredible knowledge base to overcome what I see as insurmountable roadblocks. She breaks down training into small, easy steps that quickly turn into the behavior you’re working towards, and has left me thinking, “wow, we got it! How did she figure that out?” Her DVDs and online training are easy to follow and understand and she mostly employs dogs who are not already trained, which allows you to see the types of issues you might encounter instead of just the perfected end result. Because I recently moved, I started doing Skype/Zoom training with her and she has the logistics perfected, and our private sessions have been able to continue. If you want to learn easy steps to train your individual dog, Pam is the best. Her techniques are positive and rewarding for both the dog and handler!
Laraine M.

We started online dog training with Pam 4 weeks ago and can’t be more happy about this. Online training is even better and more focused because our dog is learning inside the house which he knows and he’s less distracted. Pam is checking everything we are doing, fixing and suggesting better approaches in training. I could see results at the 1st session – my French Bulldog finally start listening me! And now he is doing Heel (almost) ;).
We are very thankful to Pam and will be starting training second dog soon.
Olga Gnezdyonova