You Can! Thank You!

Thank you for wanting to make a positive difference in your dog’s life!

I hope you’ll find my pointers and tips useful, to not only enrich your dog’s life, but your own as well, due to your blossoming relationship with each other.

My plan is to send you out a free tip once a month, so you won’t be bombarded by thousands of emails.

Click on the link here to see a video tutorial for some of the holds your dog should be comfortable with.

If you’re trying to fix a behavior gone “bad,” I can help you, with in person lessons or via Skype!

Case Study: Many years ago, I had a client with a Cocker Spaniel that flatly refused to be groomed. For almost two years, the owner had to put the dog under sedation every 4-5 weeks (!) so the vet could shave him. He was very aggressive toward people in general, so I couldn’t actually help her groom the dog.

From across the room, I taught her how to not only desensitize him to the clippers, but also to actually shave him. (She had never shaved a dog before) We did it slowly and pedantically, always stopping way before he even thought about reacting and by the end of the 6, one hour lessons, we ended up with a completely shaved dog, with short toe nails to boot! The owner shaved him every other day to keep his coat short, clipped his nails once a week and he never had a problem again!