“You Can Train Your Dog” Cool and Free Stuff! #4

Animal Husbandry
I feel very strongly that all dogs should accept petting and handling. So much in fact, that I add these exercises into my Puppy K and Beginner’s classes. For those of you that are trainers, I encourage you to do the same.

It isn’t a Veterinarian’s or Groomer’s job to teach their animal patients how to accept different types of handling, and many untrained dogs can become aggressive during a visit. Their job is to get their job done as quickly as possible. Your job is to teach your dog to accept the handling needed.

You may have a dog that needs to be muzzled and handled firmly (and not so nicely) for their annual visit. Some become so aggressive that you can’t handle them at all unless they are tranquilized. Trying to work with a dog like this can be dangerous – not just to you, but to the dog as well, because if you can’t handle them, then you can’t give them medical care either.

The video you will receive will walk you through a few of the force free exercises you’ll need to teach your dog.