The Magic of Shaping

Teaching is a two-way communication. The secret to this connection is called Shaping. Shaping is incredibly fun to teach, however, sometimes the mechanics of getting started may be daunting. With The Magic of Shaping, your timing and creativity improve, making teaching a snap! You will find that you become a better trainer overall with the […]

Whistle Recall

“COME!” The one word that leaves all dog owners anxious and frustrated. Will your dog hear you? Will they ignore you? Millions of owners dread the battle to bring their dogs inside, catch their dogs when they get loose, and secretly dream of off-leash walks at the beach or on the hiking trail. A recall […]

Learning so much more from your on-line course than from the classes I have taken!

Pam – I am amazed at how much practice I need to do on my own footwork/form before adding my canine partner! It seems to me if MY skills are solid, it truly facilitates and accelerates the dog’s improvement. I am learning so much more from your on-line course than from the classes I have […]

I’ve only just started…and already I’m appreciating the the value.

I’ve only just started the course, “Cleaning up your act ­ part 1” and already I’m appreciating the the value. I love that each lesson focuses on just 1 idea and I can go away and practice that before taking another idea on board. – Kym R.   Share this: Share Click to email this […]

Cleaning up your act; The fussy and meticulous behaviors needed for Competition obedience, Rally & CDSP

Obedience is your moment to shine and prove to the world that you and your dog meet a higher standard of training and relationship than most other dog owners. But how does one move from just barely qualifying to earning High in Trials, spots at Invitationals and admission to Championships? This seminar will give you […]

Teach the Leash

Leash Solutions for owners, trainers, dog walkers and more! In one short day, your leash walking frustrations can turn into a serene walk in the park. Loose leash walking is the bane of many owner’s experiences with their dog. The same goes for professionals who work with these dogs. It’s frustrating, and even dangerous. It’s […]

I now have dogs that are really running with confidence.

A huge “Thank You” for putting together such a wonderful class. Your class has cleared up a lot of “gray” areas for me. So many useful little tidbits to produce a happy team…By the way, I’m falling in love with my go outs!!!! I now have dogs that are jumping off the start position & […]

A great class!

I’ve been getting ready for the new semester and am just now catching up on our last two lessons here. I’d also like to add my thanks to the others for a great class, Pam. We learned a lot, and had fun practicing! See you again in Part 2. ~ BF  

Your lessons really helped us

Thanks so much, Pam. Your lessons really helped us. I am very pleased to announce that Jack and I FINALLY earned our first two legs of AKC Novice A obedience last month, thanks to you and your completely positivetraining! Looking forward to Part 2. ~ JH