Canine Water Sports, Part 3 & 4

Canine Water Sports, Parts 3 & 4

August 18, 2006
Another lesson today. I am still on cloud 9 with my incredible swimmers! Everyone stayed on shore (wahoo!) and I was able to do a complete run-through of the whole water test with Beau, Shadow and Emma. All of the dogs were fantastic! We also practiced their underwater retrieves – all perfect as well as their 60 foot retrieves – all perfect.

It is interesting – I really thought that the life jacket for the dogs was unnecessary. Beau went in to the water without his on when we first got there and I could clearly see that he wasn’t as confident without it. Wearing the jacket gives them extra buoyancy so that they don’t overtax their bodies and don’t tire as quickly. I on the other hand, have a hard time swimming in mine and it actually slows me down…

August 25, 2006
We had one more water lesson today before the test on September 2! As soon as I got there, it started pouring rain. Ick. But I swam with Beau and Emma (Shadow stayed in the van – he stresses out really bad working in the rain) and they were superb! Beau’s stay still needs some work, but Emma’s has been incredible!

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