Ten Myths of Positive Training Dispelled

Ten Myths of Positive Training Dispelled Pamela Dennison (c) 2002 (excerpt from my book “You Can Train Your Dog; Mastering the Art & Science of Modern Dog Training” Why do myths, such as the ones that follow, spring up out of nowhere? Primarily due to the general lack of understanding of how classical and operant […]

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Be Still

Be Still Pamela Dennison (c) 2017 I have a weakness for the Karate Kid movies – the old ones and the new one. I was just watching the new one (the one with Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith) again last night and this line really struck me, so much so that I stopped the movie […]

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Stop Changing Cues, Dammit!

Stop Changing Cues, Dammit! Pamela S. Dennison (c) 2017 Remember about 2 years ago, I learned some new technology stuff to design my own website? (Click here) And how hard it was for me to learn, but how, with some major effort, I learned it? So much so, that for the most part, I’ve been […]

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Go With Your Gut

Go With Your Gut (caution: might be a trigger for some of you) Pamela Dennison (c) 2017 Instinct is a fascinating thing. It kept our ancestors safe from danger, when the environment was more primitive than it is now. Way back then, it was kill or be killed by predators that were far larger then […]

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Consider the Source

Consider the Source Pamela Dennison (c) 2016 Okay, this is a bit of a rant…sorry…In this day and age of the internet, where the speed of gleaning information is more prized than accuracy, people also want everything for free – from free training, free advice, free, free, free. We’ve all done it at times – […]

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Look Beyond the “System.”

Look Beyond the “System.” (c) Pamela Dennison December 2015 It seems that everyone, in every field of dog training, has a new “system.” For this, for that, for every minutia, of every movement and thought; you name it, there’s a “system” for it. And if it’s “new,” then everyone seems to jump on the bandwagon […]

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