Competition Classes

Competition Group Classes

I train Rally, CDSP Obedience and Competition obedience using the same clear, concise methods. One sport shouldn’t be “sloppier” than another sport. To me, competitions are about building a beautiful dance between the two of you and your pride should show!

To see class schedules here.
Pre-registration is required, and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all three pages and sign and initial where indicated in red. RegistrationForm

To sign up for the “Shorts” contact me directly. You’ll be able to either Paypal me or Venmo me, but I’ll need to give you info and you’ll need to pre-register because of course I’ll need your email address.
Part One: Heeling for Competition Ob/Rally/CDSP
This 2 week class, (one hour per week for two weeks) will be held via zoom. If your dog is just learning how to heel, this is the class for you!
Part 1 will include straight line heeling and shoulder and head cues for turns
$30.00 for the 2 weeks. (ZOOM)

Part Two: Heeling for Competition Ob/Rally/CDSP
If your dog already sort of knows how to heel or you’re having problems, sign up for part 2 to clean it up and stop losing points! Part 2 of this 2 week course (on hour per week via zoom) will address nice tight turns for the right, left and about turns, as well as lightening speed halts.
$30.00 for the 2 weeks (ZOOM)

Part One: Go outs for directed jumping This 2 week Zoom class will teach your dog the go outs for directed jumping. You will need 2 ring gates and a jump standard and a platform if you have one.
$30.00 for the 2 week course – 1 hour per week.(ZOOM)
We will be doing a mixture of free shaping to go straight to the gate and depending on your dog, if they need a little help, we can use a platform.

Part Two: Go Outs and Directed Jumping
This 2 week zoom class will address full length go outs and directed jumping.
$30. for the two, one hour lessons. You will need both the high jump and bar jump, plus at least 2 ring gates and at least one stanchion. (and of course enough room for the proper measurements)
If you don’t have enough room, we can still work on the directional part!

Stand for Exam
This one week class, via zoom is for those dogs that are nervous about people touching them in a show situation – strangers/judge. (for competition obedience or breed handling)
This class is not for aggressive dogs – just those that might typically move away from the pressure. You will need a 2nd person for this class – family or friend

Drop on Recall
This 1 week (1 hour) zoom will surprise you at how easy it is to train any dog to drop on recall without the use of throwing stuff at the dog! $15.00
Pre-requisite is that your dog knows how to down and you’ll need a bunch of light colored treats (if you have a dark floor) or dark treats if you have a light floor)


CDSP Classes! NEW! – 6 week course, all classes with the dogs. $160.00. Max 5 dogs per class (in person) plus 2 dogs per class via zoom. Click on the link above to see what you’ll need for each level (plus video clips of what it looks like). Fun Fun Fun!
Starter Novice/Novice

Rally/Competition-Level 1-Novice – 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. $160.00. Max 5 dogs per class (in person) plus 3 dogs per class via zoom. Rally is a great sport that takes all of the behaviors that are pretty standard when you train your dog – walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stay, etc. – and makes them fun and rewarding. And, you get to earn titles! Rally is a great in-between sport, if you can’t decide what to do next – whether it be earning your CGC or TDI, going into competition obedience or starting agility or if your dog just needs more experience when trialling in new and novel environments. You can talk to your dog in Rally and depending on the venue, you can also feed in Rally. Rally is the sport for you!

Advanced Rally/Competition-Level 2/Open, 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. $160.00. Max 5 dogs per class (in person) plus 3 dogs per class via zoom.

Advanced Rally/Competition-Level 3-Utility. 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. $160.00. Max 5 dogs per class (in person) plus 3 dogs per class via zoom.

Drill Team. 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. $160.00 The behaviors are similar to rally and obedience, but the exercises are done in a group in sync with each other. Pre-requisite – your dog must have a modicum of a heel and be good with other dogs. Take a look at some Drill Team class videos!