Competition Classes

Competition Group Classes

I train Rally, CDSP Obedience and Competition obedience using the same clear, concise methods. One sport shouldn’t be “sloppier” than another sport. To me, competitions are about building a beautiful dance between the two of you and your pride should show!

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Rally/Competition-Level 1-Novice – 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. $160.00 Rally is a great sport that takes all of the behaviors that are pretty standard when you train your dog – walk on a loose leash, sit, down, stay, etc. – and makes them fun and rewarding. And, you get to earn titles! Rally is a great in-between sport, if you can’t decide what to do next – whether it be earning your CGC or TDI, going into competition obedience or starting agility or if your dog just needs more experience when trialling in new and novel environments. You can talk to your dog in Rally and depending on the venue, you can also feed in Rally. Rally is the sport for you!

Advanced Rally/Competition-Level 2/Open, 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. $160.00

Advanced Rally/Competition-Level 3-Utility. 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. $160.00

Drill Team. 6 week course, all classes are with the dogs. $160.00 The behaviors are similar to rally and obedience, but the exercises are done in a group in sync with each other. Pre-requisite – your dog must have a modicum of a heel and be good with other dogs. Take a look at some Drill Team class videos!