“Mine” (aka Leave it)

September 22, 2018 9 am to noon
“Mine” – aka Leave it

Leave it, aka Mine! This 3 hour clinic will get you on the road to getting a very reliable “mine” cue. An invaluable behavior, which can save you a great deal of heartache as well as emergency trips to the vet when your dog races to get the “cookie” you dropped – only it wasn’t a cookie, it was medicine that is toxic for dogs, or a shard of glass. Or drinking out of that stagnant puddle on the trail that can contain bacteria or the puddle in the parking lot that can contain deadly anti-freeze. And let’s not forget the old standby – goose poo!

No more popping and yanking while screaming “LEAVE IT.” This clinic will show you how to teach your dog to have impulse control!
$65.00 per working team (1 dog and 1 handler)
$40.00 for auditors

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