Class descriptions

We offer a variety of group classes from Puppy and Beginner, to Advanced and Specialty Classes, and lots of other fun classes and sports you might not have known existed!

Group Training Classes for all ages and stages!
All classes offer FLEX attendance: Attend live in person or online via Zoom from anywhere in the world. Or you can even choose a combination – some in person, some online – it’s about your convenience.

If you’re just getting started, see our classes in the Puppy and Beginner section. Then read on to learn more about our variety of other classes. Our aim is to help you problem solve, learn to appreciate and respect your four legged friend and have fun together in a fabulous relationship you’ve always dreamed of!

Because we all have different learning styles and thresholds for distractions (as do our dogs!), if you grasp new information better in a quiet environment, I would highly recommend that you do privates first and then join in a group class later on, once you and your dog are proficient. If you already know that your dog is very excitable/reactive, you will need to sign up for privates. (Some behaviors are fine for a group class, some are not) Contact me if you’re not sure – we can always do a private consult.

To see class schedules here.
Pre-registration is required, and follow the instructions to complete registration. Be sure to read all three pages and sign and initial where indicated in red. RegistrationForm

Refund Policy: There are no refunds once your class has started and that includes the first week without the dogs. If you’re not sure that positive training is right for you, please come and watch a class first. We love visitors!


It is easier to build up a puppy than it is to repair a dog. Puppy & Beginners. Manners to make you proud! Click here for descriptions




Advanced Classes. The fun doesn’t have to end! Advanced Puppy & Beginners. Because there’s still so much more to learn! Click here for descriptions




Specialty Classes. Give your dog a job and be rewarded with a happier, healthier dog/relationship. Click here for the assorted collection, geared toward YOUR dog and YOUR interests!



Competition Classes. Show off your talents and have fun doing it! Rally & competition obedience (all levels, all venues), treibball (soccer for dogs). Click here for our many options!



Write to me any time with suggestions for classes!